Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Zombies and Dreads

I have some completed projects! Yay!!! I've been trying to get at least one a week, but so far, no go. That's ok, though. I can make several hats in a week, or a cowl, so I can catch up if I need to to complete my 52 project challenge.

Number 4 is my Zombie Mitts. They were for the Instagram KAL and the FGF group Literary KAL for Feb. Funny, how are zombies literary? Well, I was reading The Twelve by Justin Cronin (which is an excellent book!) and thought it would be awesome to make something for that book. No vampire mitts, so zombies was the closest I could come. It's ok. They turned out awesome and I love them!

I used Borocco Sox in this awesome colorway. Once I did the cables without a cable needle, they zoomed right along!

I guess they are fraternal twins! I really really love how they turned out!

And number 5 for 2013 would be my Dread Tamer Hat, a modified version of the Felicity hat pattern.
I did all the increases in the beginning, did a few decrease rows at the end, added an eyelet round, and tied it off with a crocheted chain. This works nicely to keep my hair off my face and back. It's also nice for going out in public. My hair is a "bit" crazy right now, and I need all the help I can get!
I can close it off if I want and keep all the hair inside. Haven't done that yet, but I might. I really need to make some headbands so I'm not wearing a hat all the time.

So far that's all I have accomplished. I'm working on a cowl right now and another scarf from 2010. I finally got my needles from my LYS so I can complete my Simple Lines shawl. It took a few days to complete my dreads, so I didn't get much done then. And I've been reading a lot, too.

Here is a before and after picture of my dreads. I really like them. I've had them for about a week, and they are crazy!

The ones in front are a very short and kind of stick up right now. I look like  Side-show Bob! LOL!
I'll be back  soon to show off some more FO's!

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