Friday, January 25, 2013

knitting knitting knitting

I'm still knitting! I wish I was more into taking photos and getting my stuff posted. It would help if I had more stuff to show! It's been an eventful 2013 so far. We have been transitioning from homeschooling to unschooling. It's been...interesting, to say the least. That, and reading a ton, has been keeping me busy.

I didn't set a lot of goals this year, or really, any clear cut and dried ones. I joined a few more groups on Ravelry to give me more of a focus, and that definitely helps for me! I may choose to keep up, I may just do the ones I like and go from there. I'm keeping it loose and fun!

I bought some yarn in New York when we went to visit for the holidays. Well, I went to Jo-anne's to get some size 1 needles so I could work on some colorwork mittens (that I have yet to start! LOL!) While I was there, I saw that they had some faux Noro type yarn. Who knew Red Heart made an acrylic version? I know Bernat and Lion Brand have their own line, so I guess it wasn't a far jump for Red Heart. Anyway, long story short, I got two balls to make the shawl on the ballband. I finished it up this month and started another shawl, very similar in style, but with sockweight yarn. It's getting tedious. You know, when you are knitting 300 stitches every row, increasing by 4 every other gets old! I've been struggling trying to keep on with it, and I even decided to shorten it by a full pattern repeat. I will get to start the border in three more rows! So MAYBE this weekend I can finish it!

I'm also in the process of making a sockhead hat. It's just that: stockinette on size 4 needles in sock weight yarn. Round and round she's very nice for TV/movie watching. Well, the needles in there are Symfoinie interchangeables. And guess what? One broke! I bought these puppies in New York, so I called the LYS and she told me to find a store locally and they would replace the needle. I found a store nearby (almost on my doorstep that I didn't even know existed!) and immediately went there.

Well, let's say that I'm a bit disappointed by the customer service. It's a tiny shop with lots of yarn. Who goes into a yarn shop to just pick up needles and go? Of course I wanted to browse, but sadly, I felt rushed, and she did not offer to replace my broken needle. I know people have "off" days and there was someone in the shop who needed knitting help. While I can say that it's not my problem, I think the clerk (owner?) was too focused on the other lady to even want to worry about me.  I will go back soon, and see if I can replace my needle, and hopefully customer service will be much better. I like that there's a yarn store close by, even with weird hours!

I tried to make an earphone cord wrap cozy thing. You basically knit an icord around the headphone cord using sock yarn. I've tried this thing at least 4 times, casting on more for the cord, going back to 3 stitches. There are horrible ladders in the back that really bother me. And while icord is fairly quick, I don't want to waste my time if I don't like the finished product. I wish I could just accept the laddering, but it really bothers me.

My  next post will contain some FO photos! I have at least 2, maybe three things to show. Stay tuned...

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