Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2012 in Review

2012 was a very....interesting year. A lot happened and I am amazed that I got any of my goals done!
 Our family went to Disney in Florida in April. At the end of May, me and my husband went to upper British Columbia for a few days, then flew back to pack our house and move out two days later! We packed our four bedroom house into a 10X10 storage unit, bought a tent, and moved back to my hometown where we camped the rest of the summer. The summer of the drought and the heatwave. I did get some knitting done, but it's hard to knit when just touching the wool felts it.
I had plans to get an apartment for the winter, but hubby had a different plan. We bought a travel trailer, moved a bit farther south (by 50 or so miles) to be near my father, and that is where we are today. It's a bit cramped, and total unconventional, but it works for now.

I did complete a few of my goals. I made my hat goal. I knit a few extra that were not on my queue for gifts. I nearly made my fingerless glove goal. I did make a quick pair for my son (pics coming soon), but there was a pair that I ran out of yarn. I knit up a few pair of mittens, but I discovered that store bought mittens seems to work better (warmer).  I don't like the idea of using expensive yarn to make warm mittens for the kids, since they will probably lose them anyway.
I think I completed my cowl goal. I crocheted one that I didn't list yet, and I made one that had buttons that fell off, so I need to resew those on. My sock goal was a dismal failure. I think I knit six pair. I got behind in April, hoping to catch up, but was never able to do it.

Looking back, I would consider myself successful even though I didn't complete all my goals. I completed more projects in 12 than I did in 11, so that is success! I made lots of neat stuff and even made my queue on Ravelry smaller (though I've added a few projects since then! )

For 2013, I don't have any set goals. I will probably still try and get a cowl, hat, and maybe fingerless gloves done each month. I want to knit some shawls and joined a group on Ravelry to help me stay focused. I noticed if I don't have any goals, I don't knit. Having some sort of plan helps me to stay focused and gives me ideas when I hit a dry spot in knitting mojo.

I am going to complete my projects I wanted to start/complete in 2010.  I have those all bagged up with the yarn and pattern ready to go, so I just need to either finish them up or start them. On the side, I will my knit my shawls and other smaller projects. This might be the year of  the shawl for me!

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