Monday, December 24, 2012

Hats! Hats! Hats!


Since I haven’t done an FO post since July, I’m going to break up the next few posts so I don’t overwhelm you with photos.  I realized in November that I was not going to make my yearly goals. Not all of them, anyway. I only have 7 pairs of socks done, there is no way I’m going to knit 5 pairs of socks in the next two weeks. I might be able to crank out two pair, maybe, but I doubt it. I’ll be lucky to get one more done, especially since we are travelling over the holidays.

The realization made me feel a bit…pathetic. Until I realized that my hobby is knitting, and if I don’t reach my goals, that’s ok. I tried. I got sidetracked. I did double the amount of FO’s this year, so I guess that’s a pretty good achievement.

This post will be Hats! I am going to start with the most recently finished and go back till July. Hold on to your hats!

This is Star Crossed Slouchy Beret  made in Cascade 220 Paints. I like the subtle variegation with the meandering cables. The outcome, I think, is fun and not at all busy.


Isn’t the color scrumptious? I added a few extra rows to make this a slouchy hat, not a beret. It might look better with some blocking, but I think it turned out lovely.


The next hat I made was my daughter’s hat. She “needed” a new hat. I said yes, and she picked the pattern and the yarn. Which turned out to be Neon green. She really wanted a neon yellow stripe, but I refused. I had visions of my going blind knitting with such bright colors!


I really like the brim, it’s unique. I added a skull button that she wanted. Cute, no?


We love the slouchy hats here!


The next few hats were not part of my yearly goal. My Dad’s girlfriend had a birthday right before Thanksgiving. I discovered she liked frogs when we went to Jo-ann’s to get some yarn for a hat I was going to make my Dad.


This is the Big Man Hat. Acrylic yarn, went down a needle size. Quick and easy.


Melissa’s hat for her birthday, the Official Kittyville Hat that I added beaded frog eyes too. Thankfully, she knew what it was supposed to be right away! It helps that I knit it in green.

Around the same time, I was getting tired of trying to knit my goals. I needed a quick FO, and crochet is always the answer. I made this hat:


I used a few patterns and mashed them together. I used LIon Brand Hometown yarn in this retro color combo. A pompom added to the fun. This hat is so cozy and warm, and so fun! I must say that I really like the brim, it folds down in case I’m ever in a snowstorm so I can see!

The Cabled hat was actually part of my queue and goals for 2012. I used Wool and this thing went pretty quick.  There’s a brim on the inside, making this extra warm. I gave this to Melissa as well, since she had a hat that was too small and very ugly. I told her to burn it! And I hope she did!


What I really like about this hat is the amount of cables hides any mistakes. You’re looking at one right now, and don’t even know it (hopefully!).  I’m a perfectionist, but tinking back was daunting. I now have a one of a kind, unique project!

So these next few were from summer, from my queue. Minty was a fun and quick knit, and I adore the color combo. It is so slouchy and cute! I used Malabrigo, so it’s extra soft!


I like the gathers and the icord. It adds so much to the hat!


The top is very neat, too. I think this is one of my favorite hats that I’ve made. I might do another in a different colorway, maybe pink?

This hat is Swirly, made from Borocco Remix, a cotton yarn. I liked it at the time, but since then it has gotten very floppy and loose. I can’t say I’m in love with it, but it does count towards my goal.



So, that’s my hats! Next up is mittens and fingerless gloves.

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