Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Has come and gone, and barely a word from me. I'm still knitting!!
I didn't make my goals this month. I finished one project out of 4. I cast on 3 projects, and didn't even start one. Why? I went to DisneyWorld for two weeks! Yay!! And if you've ever been to Disney, you know there is hardly any time for knitting.
I did get to work on my hat some during the long 20+ hour drive. Of course, knitting only takes place during daylight hours, so that limited my time. And I  am one that likes to watch the road. Plus, knitting in the car makes me tired. On the way back I worked on my socks and got a lot of rows done, but I took a lot of naps, too.
I finished my Opie Hat, knit in sockweight yarn. I like the hat, but I think if I were to make this hat again, I'd go WW instead of sockweight. It took all month, weeks of TV watching. It was pretty mindless, if you consider 2x2 ribbing mindless. 
I still have to finish the foot of sock 2, and that won't take too long. I cast on for my mitts on the 30th, so that counts as April cast on, right? I tried to cast on for my cowl, but it's a Mobieus loop and I need a different needle, one longer and maybe a bit more flexible than the one I have. I can't do anything with the stitches once I have them cast on.
So May will be bust as well, but I won't be gone for two weeks. I do have  short trip to BC planned, with a bit of layover time. Maybe I can get some knitting done then. I'm a bit hesitant about planes and knitting needles. Maybe I'll have to get some circs or plastic needles for the trip. I'll post photos of my FO's once I find a willing model. 

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