Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Meringue Mittens

As cool as this mitten looks, it was a pain to knit. Well, it wasn't a total pain, since the stitch pattern was easily memorized and went quickly. It was more in the directions. I love a well written pattern, and this was not one of them! The cuff is knit and then turned inside out to knit the rest of the mitt. No where in the directions does it say to fold the cuff up. I guess it should be common sense, but still. I had to send the pattern writer a note asking if I was doing it right, and I was, but the lack of clear direction is frustrating.
The decreasing is not very clear either. I had to pretty much fudge it, and it worked out ok, but it surely wasn't easy. I had a better time on the second mitten since I had some experience with it, but it almost didn't get made. I had to rip back several times just to figure it out.
They turned out fine, if not a bit short. I would knit a few more rows on this to make the fingers longer, but all in all, it looks very cool!   (Link to Rav pattern)

 My daughter is the model, and they are a bit loose on her. I used Sensations Kashmira yarn and  size 3 needle. I finished the second mitten in two days, so this really is a quick knit! The pattern does not extend to the palm, though. I love how the ridges are right and left leaning.

I may dye the mittens, but I might just leave them white. I like them!

I am almost done with my socks. They are  not hard, not really. The pattern is very easy. I think it's that my yarn is so thin, they are taking forever! I will have them done by the end of the month, though. Here's a photo of my first sock.
Not a great photo, but I really like how they look and fit. I will post more about them when I get them finished. 
I'm working on a test knit for my friend Vicki over at SimpleKnits. It's a cute crochet scarf! I'll have that done and photos posted of that soon, too.

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