Monday, January 9, 2012


I have chosen not to make any resolutions this year. I find that resolutions are promises to ourselves we tend to break. And then it sets you up for a pattern of failure for the year. Instead of focusing on one area to improve, I want more balance in my life. So instead of making resolutions, I pick a word for the year. This world will encompass all areas in my life.
This year's word is PROGRESS.  The definition of progress is continual improvement; to move forward and onward. I really like this definition. It implies activity, no stagnation. Progress is an action verb!
I have progress so far. I'm doing pretty good with my knitting goals. I am plugging along on my Icewine mittens. It's kind of hard to knit WW yarn on size 1 needles, but it's going fairly fast. Progress. Continual improvement. I wanted to do these in gray and blue, but I found some off white and gray I decided to use instead. They are acrylic, but I don't plan on getting these wet with snow, anyway, so I should be fine. They may be a gift at Christmas, who knows?
This morning I cast on for January Cowl. It's so easy. I had to get yarn for this and went to Wal-Mart late last night (not just for yarn, I just happened to pick some up when I was there). I wanted to do these in an off white, but the closest color was a beige, kinda yellow looking. So I decided I'd use gray. Only 3 balls of gray. I settled on an oatmeal tweed color. I knit a good inch in ten minutes, so it's going to be fast!
I 'm still working on my socks, so I have not started my Jan socks yet. But the pattern I have picked out is super easy, it's not really a pattern at all. I think  I can whip them out once I get these other ones done. 3 WIP's right now. Well, three that I'm working on!
I am making progress. I'll be back soon with photos.

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