Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hello 2012!!!

Welcome to the new year. I have made a few "resolutions" for the upcoming year, even though I am NOT a resolution person. I feel they are just promised waiting to be broken. But I do feel good about the upcoming year and where I am at as a fiber artist.

As I have mentioned before, since I moved about 2.5 years ago, I haven't found a knitting group that I clicked with. I still might try another one out here soon, but in the meantime, knitting has been placed on the backburner. Well that, and no good yarn shops close by. There are tons of yarn shops within a 45 minute drive, but it's kind of silly just to drive all that way for yarn. Right?

Anyway, I plan on making a bunch of stuff this year. At least 36 things. It's the year of 12's!

12 pairs of socks!

12 "mitts" or mittens~

12 cowls!!

I was thinking about doing a hat a week, for 52 hats, but I only got about 20 done the last time, that's not even half! And it might be pushing it a bit to try and knit all that. I do want to have time for my other hobbies!

So for January 2012, here are my planned projects:

Pinstripe socks using KP Imagination in Evil Stepmother.
Icewine mittens in Vanna's Choice Ivory and grey (already started! Yay!!)
January Cowl in Vanna's Choice, probably white, but not quite sure.

I still have to finish my second sock of Kalajoki. I would have been done by Jan 1, but I discovered, at the heel turn, that I cast on 10 more stitches for my first socks. 10 stitches is too much of a discrepancy to ignore or try to fix, so I had to frog the whole thing. And out of disgust, it sat there for a week, sadly neglected. But I got two repeats done in one night, so if I crank away at it, I should have it done by next Friday, at the latest.

I did tons of Christmas knitting, at the last minute. What was I thinking? I got it all done, fortunately, and my kids are warmer for it! I will post pics soon of what I made. Just wanted to get my resolutions out there for the world to see. I'll be back soon with another update!

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