Saturday, February 5, 2011

Baby Knitting

Now' that I’ve been bitten by the knitting bug, I find myself with caston-itis. I want to knit so much, and I have so many WIP’s begging to be finished, I decided I would cast on for a few more!

A typical knitter, you might say. Yes, we all know how we are. And we have the right since it is our hobby! I’ve been trying to be a monogamous knitter since I know how I am. If I don’t finish in a timely manner, chances are it won’t get done.

But there are a boat load of babies ready to be born here. Must be in the water. I’m not one of them!!! I have a baby shower in a week. I didn’t even know the mother was expecting so I didn’t get a head start. I want to make a blanket, some booties, a pair of socks, and a cardi. Too much?

Well, I can’t seem to settle on a pair of booties that I like. I’ve made one but HATED the color I made. Now I know why this particular color of yarn was retired. Anyway, this pattern is knit on 2 needles and sewn. I didn’t understand how to do it in the round so I followed the instructions. Now I’m going to make a pair for real in the round. Hopefully I can get done with them soon so I can post a pic.

I’m also knitting an easy cardi. I think it will go fast, but I need to get off the computer to get it done in time. And I got myself a new toy, so I don’t know if I won’t be too distracted.

The next baby is due at the end of March. And the one after that is a few  months away. Oh yeah, another cousin is due in May. Did I mention they are all boys? I want to knit in pink!!! I’ll be back by the end of the week to post baby knitting progress.

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Jen Bogut said...

Loved your post! So glad to know there is a name for the disease I, too, suffer from - castonitis!! :)