Monday, January 31, 2011

Out of Hibernation….for now


Wow, I haven’t posted since Halloween. Hope you guys have not abandoned me.

The knitting bug just quietly went to sleep, into a deep hibernation. It just woke up and it’s hungry!! I’ve been wanting to knit and I have! I do have some pics to show of FO’s too! Yay me!!!

So, onto some pics. This is the Capucine Hat. I wanted to make it for me, but alas my head is ginormous and it seems that my daughter magically fits into all the hats I make.

034I used leftover Wool of the Andes for this. It was quick and fun. I made this a few months ago. Here’s the front view.

033It’s a dark purple so you can barely see the tassels hanging down. I have another skein and was considering making a bigger size for my head. Not so sure, though.

I also made a Jayne Cobb hat a looong time ago. I think I made it over the summer, or in late September. I used Cascade and luckily found the colors at a LYS.

083   My 4 yr old is the reluctant model. I needed to get a photo before it disappeared.

085 And the side view. This hat does fit me and I wear it all the time. I haven’t had anyone come up to me and tell me how much they like Firefly. I think the first one who does, I’ll give them the hat!



031 I went digging for some needles and found stash I forgot about! Don’t you love it? I got this skein of Cascade 220 and wanted to make a hat with it. I’m going to restart and do it on bigger needles. This is the Square Circle  Hat.(Rav Link)

I’m also making a White Zombie  sock.(Rav Link) I got this yarn from my MIL last year for my birthday. It’s Sunshine Sock yarn.

020 One down, one to go. I started these an eon ago and they were calling to me to get finished. I have plans for lots of socks so I need to get on these!


I impulsively bought a fine gauge sock loom at Hobby Lobby.  I also picked up a skein of yarn so I could get started on it.


I guess the lure for the loom is to be able to make socks faster. Not yet though. I’m making a baby sock (30 sts) and it took me nearly a half hour just to cast on. As with all new things, it takes time. But I would have had these socks knitted by now! I’m still plugging along, not sure if this is an alternative for me or not. I may just go ahead and teach one of my kids to use it so I don’t waste $25.


Ok, that’s it for the catch up post. Hopefully I’ll be back before two months is up with some FO’s!


hakucho said...

I think a sock loom is good for someone who for whatever reason can't knit. I doubt I would ever want to even try...regular knitting seems much more relaxing. I am interested in how you make out with it...wonder how you'll be doing the heel?

Moonlit Goddess said...

Nice knitting! I know what you mean about not blogging. My last post was in November. I keep thinking of things to blog about, but I never follow through.