Tuesday, November 10, 2009

NaNoWriMo and Mafia Wars

This is what has been keeping me busy. I have hardly knit anything at all. Those three hats I was going to have done by mid week last week? I still have the one OTN. Well, technically, not really ON them as my precious children (or one of them, not sure which!) pulled them out of my hat. Which was in my project bag. They should have left them alone. Why haven’t they learned by now that my knitting is MINE??? I don’t blame them though. Not really. And it’s my fault for not putting my bag out of reach. Who can blame little kids for wanting to play with sharp pointy sticks?

So instead of having to deal with finding the starting point and how many stitches on each needle, it sits in my bag still. A week later. Sigh.

I did finish 3 dishcloths however. yay!! But I cannot show them yet as they part of a swap. Yep, swapping again. But VERY slowly. I will probably only do a few dishcloths a month for awhile. I dont’ want to get bogged down and burnt out again.

But I guess that’s my style. I find something, obsess over it until I’m sick to death of it, then leave it alone for a looong time. Like Mafia Wars. On Facebook. If you haven’t started, don’t. Do not open that can of worms. If you do play Mafia Wars, please add me to your family!!

NaNoWriMo is NAtional NOvel WRIting MOnth. The goal is to bang out a novel of 50K words by November 30th at midnight. I’m doing ok, kind of behind, but not too badly. My story has stalled somewhat though…I should be writing that instead of writing this.  But again, I put off what I really don’t want to work on. My story will still be there later. Right?

I have to post at least one pic, because who wants to read a knitting blog without pics? I will show you what I witnessed on Friday right outside my window.


SNOW!! In the beginning of November. It was coming down pretty hard. But it didn’t last. Nope. Yesterday it was 71. And today, well, not so bad. No sun (surprise surprise) but still warm. I’m waiting for the cold cold cold to  hit. I can wait a bit longer since I still have to make those hats…


Maybe this will influence me?


Caps said...

A lot of my friends have tried to get me to do Mafia Wars, but I've resisted. I don't need yet another way to waste time. I've got plenty of those already!

The novel writing thing sounds really cool, and I've always wanted to write a book, but I never can think of a good plot, nor do I have enough confidence in myself and my writing to actually take a stab at it. But kudos to you!

To answer your question about camping from my blog - no it was not freezing. The October/November weather in Texas is touch and go, and we've had some pretty chilly (but not "cold") weekends, but this past weekend was not one of them. It got down into maybe the 40s one night, but it was cozy in our tent and sleeping bags. The daytime highs were in the 70s. In the evening, the fire was enough to keep us warm. Camping in the autumn is my favorite ever!! We never got to do it growing up in Michigan.

Please let me know if you make the chicken and it turns out and you like it!

Beth said...

How many words to you have so far? I've only got about 3 pages...I've been slacking. Arg.

It sounds like Mafia wars is a lot like World of Warcraft in terms of addictiveness. At our house we call it World of Warcrack.

Moonlit Goddess said...

I've always wanted to do the Nanowrimo thing, but haven't done it yet. I keep holding off, thinking I'll do it when I get my laptop. Well, a year's gone by and still no laptop. Maybe next year.

Hey at least you got something done; 3 dishcloths. All I seem capable of lately is starting new projects. I have 8 projects OTN now. Maybe if I didn't have so many sets of needles I wouldn't have some many projects. Hmm....Nope, I don't think it would slow me down at all. Miss You!

smariek said...

Hope the NaNoWriMo is going well. Just a couple more days left in the month.

Oh yeah, I know about Mafia Wars, lots of people play it. I refuse to click on the link and get addicted. Already got addicted to enough FB games as a distraction while I had this "thing" going on with me.