Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cowls, hats, crochet

I’ve been busy in the last few days. Not working on my socks. Ugh. Just the thought of them makes my skin crawl. I am doing everything I can to NOT work on them. I don’t know why. Maybe I’m socked out right now. Maybe because I knit sock one in about 5 days. Or maybe because so many other projects are calling to me.

But it’s my hobby and I can do what I want, when I want, and how I want. That’s how I roll. I will finish up this pair soon, but I might not make a pair in November. Maybe I’ll have November and December as my make up months. As far as goals go, 10 out of 12 isn’t too bad.

Onto my FO’s. I guess I needed some quick satisfaction because 2 of my projects are crocheted.


This is the Convertible hat. It has a drawstring top and opens to form a cowl you can wear around your neck. Like so:


Or even up and over your ears:


I used a P hook and Wool-ease in Mustardy color. It turned out nice. What I really like about this hat is that it really looks knitted.  I guess it’s the magic of slip stitch crochet. I must admit that wielding such a large hook was a hassle at first, but this project went super fast.


This project is Loop D Loops, just a long crocheted chain tied together to form a cowl. Nice huh? And the model is my beautiful 9 yr old. I used a K hook and Serenity yarn chunky weight, Berry Burst colorway. I really like this yarn. It’s so soft. And this pattern took me less than an hour to complete. Nice!



This is Aviatrix (Rav link). It’s supposed to be baby sized (12 months!) but you can see that it’s even large on my daughter. But I really like the pattern and it went super quick. I used size 7 needles for the ribbing and size 8 for the short rows. The yarn is Vanna’s choice in the Rust colorway.

Right now I have Multnomah (Rav link) on the needles with a mystery yarn that’s very thin. Probably lace weight, maybe tencel? Not sure, but it’s very colorful!

I’m also working on hats for my kids. It will probably be above normal temps here for November so they won’t be able to wear them, but you never know. I should be able to crank out 3 hats by mid week, depending on the pattern. You should be seeing some updates soon!


Moonlit Goddess said...

I know what you mean about actually wanting to do something easy and GET IT FINISHED! All my projects lately are large and complicated. But I'm making several blocks for a baby afghan. I have 2 done and 1 more to go. It is wonderful to say look, I finished something. :o)

Caps said...

Ok, you've convinced me to give cro-shit another go. I will try to Loop D'Loops because it looks A) really easy and B) super cute. I'm not promising anything, but I will give it a shot.

Timiae said...

Loop D Loops is so clever and quite hip! Will definitely make one or two or three with those single balls of yarn I keep picking up. Love you Aviatrix. It's adorable beyond words.