Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Some FO’s, WIP’s and Paying it Forward

I have been busy. Sort of.

Well, I admit that I’ve made about 4 hats in the last week. I had to frog all but two of them.  Why, you may ask? Gauge issues.  So the one hat I had almost done and it would have fit Goliath’s sister. Rip it out. I actually used a smaller needle (since I tend to knit loosely anyway) but do you think casting on 110 stitches on size 8 would make for a large hat? Using WW yarn?

So I tried again, but with a different pattern. So 110 on size 8 is too big. Why not cast on, say, around 74 on size 6? Too small. So what is wrong here? I hate doing gauge swatches, so I think I must stay happy with just guessing, I guess.  Or maybe my tension keeps changing.

So here’s one hat I completed:


This is Coronet. It’s been done for ages now. I just got around to posting a pic. This hat is neat since the brim is knitted flat and the rest is just garter, round and round and round. Easy and looks great.


This hat is the Spring Beret (Rav download). It’s my first “slouchy” hat. I love the pattern and it knit up super quick. I used Blue Sky Organic Cotton that I received in a swap. I ran out of yarn, so I did not do the last few rows of the last repeat. Then, when I was decreasing, the yarn kept breaking on me.  I still like it and it turned out pretty good. I might make another one.


This is OZ. A big shrug. I got a gift card for Mother’s Day, and this is the yarn I chose. 4 skeins of Boku. Lovely stuff.  The poor man’s Noro, LOL. What you see here is most of my shrug. I ran out of yarn and haven’t been able to get more yet. I am going to make the edging out of a solid color, but still have to choose what yarn and color I want to use. So this bad boy is on hold until I can decide. I got this far in about 3 days!

I got a lovely pink scarf from Bev as part of the pay-it-forward chain mail going around.  (She didn’t spam me, I signed up!!)


My 8 yr old being the model. I think I may have to hide the scarf from her! It is so soft and pretty. Here’s a close up of the detail:


The top pic is true to it’s actual color. My camera is horrible!

So, to pay it forward, I need to post this on my blog and pick 3 people who agree to pay it forward themselves.

However, I am not a big fan of chain mail. Soo…I’m going to change the rules up a bit. I will uphold my end of the bargain. Whoever wants something from me in the next  year, please leave a comment. You may not like it, it may be weird or useless or fantastically bizarre. But it will be handmade, by me, for you.

All you have to do is Pay it forward. Pick three people and do something nice for them. Does not have to be a handmade item, you do not have to broadcast it on your blog. It will be on your honor with no one watching. Of course, you can announce it and make 3 people make 3 more people make stuff. It’s all up to you!  I think the way the world is going it would be nice to show some Random kindness, even to a stranger. So remember the next time at the grocery store when the kid is screaming and the frazzled mom looks like she wants to give up, pay it forward!  You may just make her day!

Ok, get ready, get set, go! Just leave a comment saying you want me to send you something. Otherwise, just comment as usual and you won’t be my special 3.

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