Wednesday, May 6, 2009

March FO’s

Yep, it’s May. You did read correctly. But I did not post ONCE in April to show you some of my FO’s for March.

I finished my socks for March. They were the Welt Fantastic from the book Sensational Knitted Socks. I did have problems with gauge on these bad boys.April 027

If you click on the pic and get a bigger view, you will see the gaping holes and the horrible ladders. I love the design itself, but I would never have a k2tog or ssk at the end of a DPN.  I used Serenity yarn in Sockweight, color Paprika, and size 2 or 3 needles. I can’t remember now. I cast on around 54 stitches, I believe.  I love the yarn. For a “big box” type yarn, it’s pretty good. I’m glad there are options for us less fortunate knitters to experience some nicer yarns that don’t cost a fortune!

Speaking of  costing a fortune, here’s an anecdote for you. I was looking at WEBS at different yarn. Man, do they have tons of yarn to look at, and the prices are good too. Anyway, I came across yarn that was silk and mohair, WW at 256 yds a skein. How much is it? I asked my husband. When I told him (around $55) he laughed and said I picked a rich woman’s hobby. LOL. If I had the disposable income, you bet that would be in my stash, or knitted up into a gorgeous sweater!

April 014

This is Clue 1 of Vicki’s Shawl Kal. I finished clue 2, and am 2 rows into clue 3. I can only knit lace at night after the kids are in bed, so I get a narrow window to knit on this. It is beautiful and growing ever so slowly.  I will probably gift this to my MIL. Her birthday is in October. I should be done by then, LOL.

April 044

Bamboozled. A headband I gave away as a RAK. It’s the yarn I got in a swap on Ravelry. Very pretty! I like this headband. It went pretty quickly and turned out perfect!

That’s about it for today. I’ll show you some more hats soon!  And don’t forget to comment for an entry in the contest ending on Mother’s Day!


Beth said...

I'm still amazed at the number of projects you post when you are "not knitting!" I bow to your superior knitting prowess.

hakucho said...

Your socks turned out great. I think I saw the serenity yarn at Joann's the last time I was there and thought I'd give it a try sometime. Now I will that you gave it a good review :) (I'm always looking for bargains!)

smariek said...

I prefer to do K2Tog/SSK one stitch in, instead of right at the edge or end of the needle.

I haven't seen the Serenity yarn yet. But I do like Reh Deart's Heart & Sole yarn, which is quite attractively priced.

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Lov ehte socks and pretty head band:)Hugs Darcy