Sunday, May 3, 2009


April was a crazy month.  I know I’ve been absent and I apologize, especially since I started a contest.  And I feel like I owe my loyal readers an apology and an explanation.  My contest is still running. Just leave a comment to be entered, and I will run it until Mother’s Day. Prize :TBA


Long story short, we had some money woes. I mean woes. Yep, the recession hit us hard. It’s not something I really care to talk about too much, just that it affected all my swaps. And that extended to my life in general. Everyone was great and understanding so that helped lots.

Finally I am back. This whole thing even affected my knitting. I haven’t been doing much of anything really.  No patterns interested me, no yarn, nothing. Kind of muddling through my shawl and working on a felted bag. And of course knitting these:


The yarn is Tye Dye from Knit one crochet too. The pattern is called Zig to the Zag. I used size 1 needles. Very quick pattern. The yarn is gorgeous to knit with, and feels so soft. I think this is one of my favorite sock yarns so far. Not splitty at all!  The only thing was the green sections were sooo long. As you can see on my right sock how much green there is.


I did a short row heel of course. I like those best. They are quick, fuss free, no gussets!! Of course there is more foot to knit, but that’s ok with me. I don’t have to keep track of which row is knit or decrease.  Guess you could call me a lazy knitter, LOL.


This is the Dayflower Cowl. Made out of Saucon Sock in Turquoise.  A nice pattern and perfect for the warmer months. I gifted this as a RAK and I really hope they enjoy it!

I’ll post some more FO’s in my next post. I want to show you some yarn I snagged recently.

Hubby went on a trip to Indy. I told him to visit a yarn shop there and pick out some yarn. I said to tell the owner/worker that his wife loves to knit socks. Which he did. And this is what I got:


This is Alpaca Sox. I haven’t even looked for a pattern yet!

I just printed out about 5 patterns that I want to start on. I finished one today. It was a super cute easy crocheted headband that my daughter wants. I might send it out in a swap, so pictures later.

Also, for my May socks I have decided on the pattern Charade knit in Mountain Colors Bearfoot in the color Harmony Rose. I haven’t cast on yet, but will soon. I started to make the Pothos socks out of this yarn, but found that I didn’t like the pattern and yarn together. I need a smoother yarn to make the leaves pop out more. Maybe Malabrigo???

That’s about it for this set of updates. I will post soon with more pics of FO’s that I’ve finished since March. 


This is a video of my baby walking. Yes, he just started taking his first steps. How exciting is it, even after 5 kids, to see them grow up! And my guy is dirty. He was munching on Cheetos and taking a walk, LOL.



Anonymous said...

That is just the sweetest video. Little ones are just so amazing. I never tire of watching them learn new things. I love it too when they start to talk. Very sweet.

I'm sorry to hear that the recession has hit you so hard. It seems that everyone has been affected by it. I do hope things are looking up and all is well.

hakucho said...

Sorry about your money woes...just know you are not alone. Just hope and pray things turn around soon for you and everyone :)

Your baby is adorable! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy...they grow up too fast as you so well know. I'm struggling with the fact my baby is 14 ;)

Your socks are awesome as well as all of your knitted items. I love short row heels too :)

happy knitting :)