Monday, December 29, 2008

Holiday Celebration (and some knitting too)

Here are a few pics of our holiday celebration. We don't celebrate Christmas anymore but all the relatives do. We can't withhold the pleasure of seeing them enjoy the kids at this time of year.


That's all the kids preparing to open gifts. My in-laws came all the way from New York in an ice storm and bad weather. It took them nearly 15 hours, which should only be at the most a 12 hr drive.


My MIL with her newest and last! grandson.


Her Mom taking a nap with the same baby. Yes, he's very cuddly!


This is me and hubby. Isn't he the cutest?

Since we don't celebrate Christmas, we decided this year to do Hanukkah. It was kind of weird and different, but it went ok. No, we are not Jewish, but the focus was on Jesus being the light of the world and our lives. And it was a good time to get the kids thinking about following Jesus in a more active way.


Everyone made their own menorah and lighted their own candles. Of course with close supervision.


Here is a close up of the menorahs. Well, two of them. Just the wooden craft planks with molded fimo clay baked and painted. The kids had great fun making them.

It was a fun way to start a new tradition.  The kids did get a small gift on the 8th day, which was icing on the cake for them. I think we all enjoyed this holiday season more than any other.

Now onto knitting. I  have been a a knitting fool. So much that I'm kind of burned out. I had been working on a 4x4 ribbed scarf. I frogged it and decided to start another scarf. It's another drop stitch scarf with the yarn held double. Very shimmery and pretty. Hopefully it won't take too long to finish so I can show you.

I am still working on my socks. These are taking forever to make. I guess if I worked on them more it wouldn't be so bad. But after rows and rows and rows of going around, it just does not seem to grow. Where are those stitches going?

I am now on a hat kick. I will post some photos of finished hats soon. I ordered a set of circulars that should be arriving within a week. I can't wait to get started on some hats. I have several queued on my Ravelry account, but I think the first one I will make will be Felicity.  I will do a few'll see soon.

I made this hat back on Thanksgiving. It was my traveling hat.


This is the Durango Hat. Very quick and easy and very embellish-able. I made tiny flowers though they are not evenly spaced. I might make another in a different color. It's nice and roomy and covers the hair on a bad hair day.


This is my Gangsta pose. I think this is my fave hat. So far, anyway.


These are my first mittens. Well, the first PAIR anyway. I used Modea Dea silk and wool blend. They turned out nice. Of course the second mitt fits better and looks slightly nicer, but the left hand knows nothing about the right hand so I don't feel so bad.  These were done on 2 needles and seamed up the side. And the second mitt is much better looking, LOL. I used Bev's The Mitts pattern. My next pair will be in the round. I might try some colorwork, if I get brave enough.

Well that's about it for today. I'm gearing up for the New Year by sorting out what I want to do. I have started a knitting journal with FO's and wips.  And goals. I might post them here as well.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, whatever one you celebrated.

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