Monday, December 22, 2008

Look what I made

I know I was supposed to post pics of my Fiber Frolic. But...I did not go. My youngest daughter decided she needed to be sick with a fever. So I had to stay home and play the good mother. Poor girl. She was laying on the couch all day and wanted me to sit right next to her. I'm sorry that I had to miss the fun day with my fibery friends but duty called. She's ok now, though the fever did keep coming back throughout the week. I think we finally kicked it!

So the weather is a big topic. Snow in Vegas. Sub-zero temps in the Midwest. Ice storms in the East. Apocalyptic! Not really, just winter. Seems like the cold is going to stay around here for awhile.

And it's been cold. The counties north of us had a Blizzard Warning last night and into today. I woke up to a light dusting of snow and ice on the windows. All the bad weather seems to pass us right by. Seriously. When I look at the radar, it seems our city is the only clear one. The eye of the storm. I really really want lots of snow. I want an inch an hour for several hours. I want to wake up to Winter Wonderland. I guess it helps that I have nowhere to go so being snowed in would not be that awful for me (unless the power went out!)

So I've been knitting. And spending lots of time on Ravelry pouring over projects and patterns.

Here's a FO of the past week. And I got to use it yesterday. Fun!!


This is the Grownup Bonnet found in the book Knit2Together. It was a fun project. The scarf took forever though. Boring 2X2 ribbing. I guess 3 days isn't so bad. And when you are sucked into the final Survivor, the knitting goes way faster. You look up and see you've done a few inches more than you thought.


Here's the front view. I used size 9 needles for the whole project. The hat is perfect. I think it would have been huge if I used size 10 needles, but I do tend to knit a little loose. The yarn I used was Wool-ease. A little less than 2 skeins. If I were to make this again, I would make the scarf longer. It did serve it's purpose though.



This is the 4 Trees cloth from Holiday Mystery Knits Yahoo group. Yes, they are about done with the Holiday part but there will be a shawl pattern for the "off" season. Such a fun group. Anyway, this gem was designed by Alli of Knitwits Alley.  She has tons of cute cute patterns, so go check it out.


Isn't this snowman cute? He's very large. Larger than I would have thought by looking at the pics posted. But that's ok. I got some bobble practice too.  You can find the pattern here.

Another cloth I knitted up was the Flurries cloth. It was quick and easy. Yes, it needs to be blocked but you get the idea.


I did also finish another Big Bag but I can't post it yet.  And I'm still working on a scarf that is a 4X4 rib in Caron Bamboo. Very nice and soft yarn though it is 75% acrylic.  I will show pics of that whenever I get it done!

Here's a scarf I whipped up in one day.


Yeah, the pic is horrible. It's less than a skein of Homespun on a J hook. I think it took a few hours total and It's pretty long. It's purple too, though you can't tell that either.


Here's another view. Not much more detail, but I thought it was a cool shot. Neat, huh? The pattern is here.

Well, that's about it for my knitting fun. I have so much to do that I can't keep focused. The computer keeps calling me....I need to get this stuff done. Or not. It's not gifts or anything. But there's other stuff I want to start too.  Hmmm, maybe I will just keep casting on. I just don't have enough needles!


smariek said...

Glad to hear your daughter is feeling better. Fever always makes me nervous, and I also feel so helpless seeing DD feeling so miserable.

You've been busy in the knitting dept!

Aunt Kathy said...

You know I had a picture in my head to do a dishcloth with different Christmas trees on them... Alli must have been reading my mind. I love it. I am part of that group but haven't followed the KAL's on there lately.

Oh and I KNOW that snowman... my friend Michelle made that pattern.

So glad your daughter is better, and really you can have the SNOW... I want to go to the pool but it's freezing and I hate to drive on white roads.