Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I am on a hat kick. Hats are quick and easy and fun! I don’t like to wear them too much, but I figure someone will, if not in my household, then somewhere. 

I just bought these needles from Etsy (she also has a store on ebay: 8seasonknitting). They are a about 17 inches, and so far they are nice. The whole set was less than $15. The tubing reminds me of the medical tubing but the join is nice and smooth.  And they are comfortable to work with!


It was with the size 7 that I made Felicity. I used some mods by another Raveler so the top of the hat was not so slouchy. I like the idea of the hat, but on some of the pics on Rav, the top is very mushroom-y or baker-ish. So these mods were perfect for me.


I used Wool-Ease in gold and size 7 needles for the whole hat. 


This is the top. I like how it turned out. Though I do not look so good in hats, they do keep me warm. My 8 yr old does love hats though!  This is my first FO of 09!!


This is Kirsten, my last FO of 08. I love this hat! I love the tassels and the orange color. It only took a few hours, including the tassels. I had to go down a hook size and add a few rows. I went out and bought a bunch of hooks in the larger sizes since I couldn’t find one over an I. Now I have doubles or triples in those sizes and no H. Go figure.


Tychus. A 2 needle short row hat. This is found on Knitty using 2 colors. I used variegated and size 7 needles. I find my gauge is very loose so I usually have to go down a size. I only did 4 repeats. It fits my son nicely!


And here’s the top. Yes, those are the holes from the short rows. It does not bother me too much since I don’t usually see hats from this angle. But there is a hole that is a bit too big…I think I did the short row twice on that one! The yarn is Red Heart Peruvian Print. I used this same yarn to make my baby a sweater. I like the colors, especially the black and white sections.


The cone hat. I added a pom to the end. It’s big on her, but small on me (it does fit the 8 yr old!) I had to make her something so she didn’t feel left out! This was a quick  hat and the pom was fun to make. I tried using a pom maker but that didn’t work out. So I went the old fashioned route and used my hand instead. It turned out good!

While I was waiting on my circs to arrive I made another 2 needle hat. This is a basic hat seamed up the side. I added a few stripes.


It was for the little guy, but it turned out huge! And I need to fix the hole at the top. Depending on who it is for, I may still add a pom.


Now he wanted a hat in yellow. So I made this. I’m not sure if I like it too much, but he loves it.



I’m enjoying him modeling for me since I know the day will come when he will be reluctant. 

I’m still plugging away on my socks. I finished one and cast on for #2. No second sock syndrome here! I did some ribbing. But something else caught my eye:


The top down Raglan sweater for my baby. It’s woodland print in Wool-Ease. I am using size 7 on these. I got the arms on stitch holders (circs) and should finish up the body today. I hope the sleeves go fast! You can’t see the details here, but the collar is seed stitch and the front has seed stitch panels. I have only finished about 4 rows in the round without the seed stitch border. I know this will go fast.

I’m hoping to start on another hat by this weekend. The Hat of the Month group on Ravelry has the Who? hat as one project. It’s sooo cute I have to make one.

I’m going to make another pair of slippers since my feet are always freezing. Trying to keep warm this winter has been a challenge. We are keeping our heat at 66 during the day so we don’t have to sell one of our children to pay the heating bill. It’s on 60 at night. Yes it gets cold, but it makes for cuddly nights.  But sometimes it’s just freezing in here and two pairs of socks is just not cutting it. Maybe I’ll make those slippers today. Or find the ones I already made, sew the buttons on, and slap them on my feet!

Here’s a funny video. My hubby saw this on Monty Python. It’s a long skit but the end is the punch line for me. It’s about crochet!!


Briley said...

That a lot of hats! Ofcourse, you've got so many heads to cover I am sure you will make good use of them all. I love the tychus I may have to try that one.

Beth said...

Oh, that was brilliant. I love Monty Python.

Aunt Kathy said...

You've been busy. I bought those needles on EBAY too, eventually the cords will break, but for the price they were a deal and a half.

Beth said...

A note on "Sucking it in" - it woudln't be so bad, except I have an 18-week-old fetus in the way so sucking it in hurts like the dickens. Ow!

Yeah...Doctor Who is cool, but it is still weird!!

hakucho said...

Lots of beautiful hats! Love all of them :)I usually don't wear hats because I don't look very good in them...but the next few days are supposed to be super cold, so I may just have to drag mine out :)

marisa said...

Yes, Anita

you're right, this seller not only has ETSY & Ebay store but also her own website. Really like Lisa's sweet service.