Thursday, October 2, 2008

I love the Postman

It's been a depressing week around here. Don't really know why. My knitting mojo is all but dried up. I go aimlessly from project to project...and work a few rows, then it's done. Maybe I overextended myself in the last month with all the swaps.  So I'm going to take it easy until after the new year. I know there aren't a lot of swaps over the holidays, but still.  So I'm sitting the next SP out.  But I will do the really really irresistible swaps, like a dishcloth swap. And I still have to finish up the ones I have already signed up for.

And speaking of ongoing swaps, I love the postman. He drops off good things at my doorstep. Look at what I got today:


Can you see the M&M's in the background? I will have to hide those from hubby. Two skeins of SnC to do dishcloths with. Yippee! A nice skein of wool/silk blend in pink. A candle burner? With lovely candles that made the whole bag smell yummy.  And in front is a Fresno State pencil, her alma matter (I think).

Bag? What bag?


This bag from Jenna A. from the Big Bag Kal and Swap. I love love love this bag. The colors are so ME!!


Look at this needle felted masterpiece. I think it's my favorite thing about the bag. So cool.


And this is the card she sent along. Isn't it cute? I need some sunshine in my day since it's been freezing here! You can't tell, but the card is 3D and the sandals are on top of the towel.


I had mentioned this was going to be my sock knitting bag. Jenna sent this wonderful tin with some cool sock knitting helpers.  I like it.

Thanks Jenna for the great swap! You cheered me up today. I've been stalking the mailman (and you sent it FedEx!) for a few days now. You really did a great job picking out the right things for me.  I am happy! I hope you get as spoiled as I did.


jenna said...

Hey anita,

Just wanted to tell you how the candle burner works. The little tarts that I sent with it go on top and you just put an unscented votive candle in the bottom and the tart melts.

hakucho said...

That's one awesome bag...I love it :)

Briley said...

What a wonderful package. The bag is reaaly nice.

Aunt Kathy said...

Yes I love the mailman too... packages are wonderful. But I am with you, I need to back away from the swaps until at least after the New Year.

Jane said...

That's a great bag! And a great swap package.
Jane (from Aunt Kathy's Blog)

Marti said...

You were very blessed indeed! Love the bag!

smariek said...

What pleasant surprises your mailman keeps bringing to you! I love the bag, great colors.

Anonymous said...

I also love the needlefelting on the bag! Very cool.

I've been doing a little shopping for you... I'll be going to a fiber festival later this month and can't wait to pick up a few pinky things there!

~Your Color Swap Pal