Monday, September 22, 2008

Terrible 2's and Knitting News


Doesn't he look sweet? See how's he posing oh so innocently? You'd think after 4 kids, I would be used to the terrible 2's, but it just so happens that I don't remember ANY of my kids being this....bad.

Do parents have a selective memory of all the bad things their kids did, just so they can have more? Because if he was #1, I think I would be done with kids. This kid is into EVERYTHING. I do not exaggerate. He is very resourceful and he mimics very well. It does not help that he has older siblings to influence him, but he gets into enough trouble on his own.  So now we have locks on the bathroom and my bedroom, gate across the kitchen (since he likes helping himself to snacks in the fridge), and we have to make sure he  can't get outside. Because the neighbor across the street has brought him home. Twice.

It's funny how some kids are easier  than others. My #2 boy, who will be turning 4 soon, is so sweet. He's a big teddy bear. All my other kids use him as a punching bag. He was not into everything, though he did have his moments.

018 Yep, the dirty face is par for the course. I start to worry when his face isn't dirty!

So what does this have to do with knitting? Nothing, except with boy 3, my soon to be 2 yr old, it seems like I am always jumping up to save him or the house or furniture or something. He broke at least 3 pair of needles in one week. Just took my 5 straights and snapped them like twigs. Twice. He tried to break my 7's, but I stopped him in time. He likes to wind the yarn around his wrist as tight as possible. Oh, and pulling whatever project he can off the needles. That's a fun one, believe me!

But I do love my boys. My 15 year old is surprisingly good, for a teenager. I was expecting the worst, but he's far from it. He's usually happy and very helpful (when I force him!) and mostly respectful with little reminders every now and then. He's not sullen or rude.... I really lucked out. I was worried he was going to be as bad as I was...but I still have my 2 girls to get through. Oh no, that will be oldest daughter just turned 8 in August. A few more years....

So onto knitting. Here are some dishcloths I made:


Squaring the Spiral. This was fun and quick, and I love the outcome.


Dash by Renee (solmama on Rav).  I love her cloth designs! If you are looking for neat slip-stitch cloths, this is the site for you!


My ninepatch. I had to make the rows shorter since it would have been a towel if I would have kept going. It's the perfect size, though it looks kind of squat.  This is a great scrap cloth and pretty quick.  Except for all the ends to weave in.


4 needle with picot bind off from Cloth of the Week (link in sidebar). I had to add a bunch of rows at the top so it would be bigger than doll-size. Funny, how one cloth is gargantuan and the other is miniscule. Anyway, this was nice, except the bind off was torturous. It looks very pretty and I love the cuisine colors I knit it with.

I am also working on the Big Bag for round 2 of the BigBag Kal and Swap. I am doing the bag as outlined in the pattern. I like it this way. I am nearly halfway done. So far, I like how the colors are going together. Wish I could show pics, but then my partner would see it and that would ruin the surprise!

I also started on my next Serafim shawl. I got some boucle on sale, and it looks pretty good  so far. I am also working on Special Olympic Scarves and the Red Scarf Project. (I never did find the missing needle. I guess boy 3 threw it in the trash or something. Drat, it had my row counter on it too!) My fingerless mitts, Porphyria (ravelry link) are coming along. I am going to start a Granny Afghan soon. It's going to be in pinks...cant' wait!


Beth said...

It's always the youngest. IN almost every family I can think of (including my own), the youngest is always the one that makes you want to rip your hair out.

Aunt Kathy said...

I had to laugh at your post, I have said forever if I had Joe before Jim I never would have had the second. They are like night and day. Needy and self sufficient. Considerate and in trouble. Oh I so know your pain. Mine are 23 and 26 now, and I'll prepare you now, they are still the same. And by the same I mean exact opposites, LOL

Dee said...

Heh... no, its not selective memory. Michael (my 3 year old, 4th boy) is the most difficult toddler I've ever dealt with! He's brilliant, defiant & stubborn!! Ugh... so, I feel for ya!! :)

Anonymous said...

My kiddo has been a challenge since minute one. I love him so, but he does tucker me out! Maybe that's why I only have one :-P

Your dash cloth looks BEAUTIFUL!

<3 solmama