Saturday, September 20, 2008

Secret Buddy

I received my secret buddy box last week. I have been too swamped to post I apologize to my secret buddy. I was going to make a great post with awesome pics, but life once again got in the way.


Take a moment and drink this in. You really can't get the idea of what was in that box, especially since half of it has been claimed. So, let's start with what's here. A nice big bag, a scarf, a big red doily, 8 placemats, 2 dishcloths, coasters, a purple crocheted box full of spa goodies, yarn, thread, towel topper with towels, a cross stitch kit, 2 pattern books.

I also got a bunch of stuff for the kids. They loved every single thing. There were toys for the little guys: a leapfrog toy that sings the ABC's (my 2 year old will try and sing along) and some cool stacking toys that light up and make music. My baby loves to chew on these, and all the kids like to play with them. There were also coloring books and a giant Cars color in poster. And a bunch of cute pens that were immediately taken. I had to snag the fluffy pink pen before my oldest daughter could  lay claim to it. And I can't forget the chocolate! But that's already gone.

I want to thank you, secret buddy for the wonderful box, and I apologize for taking so long to properly thank you. It feels so nice to be able to give my kids such nice things, and tell them that my "crafting" friend sent them. They don't really understand, but I do, and it's heartwarming that you would think of my children!


I also received lots of yarn this week. I got a big box of pink and gray Plymouth chunky yarn along with some wonderful stitchmarkers from my Ravelry friend. I tried to make a poncho for one of my daughters, but I have to go back and start over since it would fit a two year old. She's 8! It's a good thing they are quick to crochet.

I got a RAK box of yarn from a nice lady over in OR. She sent me some nice pink stuff for a Granny Square blanket I plan to make someday soon.

And in another dishcloth swap, I received 3 skeins of nice yarn. Thanks Micki, for thinking of me!

I have lots of cloths to post, but I will do that later. Have a great day!!

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Aunt Kathy said...

That's a wonderful package. I can see why you wanted to wait and give it the proper oohs and ahhs, drat life sometimes for getting in the way. LOL