Saturday, August 16, 2008

One Week In

It's been a week since the Olympics started. Last night I watched Michael Phelps nab his 7th gold. It was a short race, but was it good. This is good TV. I used to think Olympics was boring. Why watch people play sports I didn't really care about? But the race last night was awesome. It was a photo finish. It looked like the other guy won, but if you watched it very close, I think Phelps did win, barely. By a fingertip. And some people say a second doesn't matter. He won by .001 of a second!

So I know you are itching to see my progress on my Ravelympic projects. I do have....some.

Here's the deal. I haven't  knit on my socks in 2 days! Why? Well, on Wednesday, I was a crazy woman at knitting. Round and round. Then I got the pattern messed up, it was getting late, and I figured I'd fix it and finish on Thursday.

Thursday comes, I am knitting on some swap cloths. Have to get those out. Then for some reason, I get this KILLER headache. One where you want someone to rip your head off to stop the pain. I was ok if I sat very still and didn't move. If I even shifted my weight to get more comfortable, I could feel the pounding in my temples and the pain just kick in. It was horrid. I had to send  hubby to get some ibuprofen. Thank goodness it helped. Needless to say, I knit nothing that night. I went to bed early, woke up in the middle of the night (3 am-ish) and then stayed in bed for another hour trying to get back to sleep.

Now it's Friday. I am determined to get the first sock done and cast on for sock #2. Now that I have the pattern down and worked the kinks out, I think the second sock can be done in 2-3 days easily. But instead, I get on Rav, and come across this dishcloth.  It dazzled my eye and called to me. I looked at it, and had to knit it up. I just love patterns that are a little perplexing. And to my delight, it was easy! I mean, super easy. I quickly memorized the pattern and got to knitting away. Unfortunately, in my knitting zeal,  I messed up and had to frog back a whole repeat. But that's ok, my daughter loved helping me rip out the yarn.


I called it "Infinity" on my Rav projects page. It looks like the infinity symbol. Renee calls it Harmonic Mosaic cloth. Ignore my mistake smack dab in the middle. I wasn't about to rip out another repeat to fix it. I used size 6 needles and hot pink and white cotton for this baby. I'm definitely going to make more of these. Truly mindless knitting with an incredible finish.

I did work on my scarf last night. I wanted to get to the end of one skein of SWS. Didn't happen. I was watching Mystery ER on the health channel. And falling asleep. But I'm close. Here's the pic of my Drop Stitch Scarf:


I love the colors on this one. Oh yeah, I had to restart this as well. I'm now on size 8 needles, and only cast on 16. Sot it's skinny and long. I will definitely need 2 skeins for this to be long enough. If I have enough yarn left over, I will add fringe, I think. The color is Natural Crimson.

So off to more knitting. I have a few more cloths to do for swaps, but I will get the sock done today.  And you will get to see the it on my foot tomorrow. Unless I break my hand or something, LOL.


Aunt Kathy said...

Oh Anita so sorry about that headache. I know exactly how you felt. Only Ibuprofen no longer works for me. {{{sigh}}}

I love the drop stitch scarf, it looks great with that yarn.

I saw your Infinity cloth on Ravelry this morning, of course the PINK caught my eye, LOL but I like that pattern as well.

hakucho said...

You are like me...I've been sock knitting and I need to work on cloths to break it up a bit. What a great find...I've book marked the pattern. Love finding new and different cloth patterns :)

Good luck with your socks :)