Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Question 10

What Olympic event would best describe you knitting/crocheting style?

I would have to say I'm a pentathlon knitter. This requires knowledge of several different techniques, but not total mastery of just one.

Those of you who are not familiar with the Modern Pentathlon here is a brief overview:

The modern pentathlon is an Olympic sport which consists of competition in five events in one grueling day.  Competitors earn points for their performances in each of the five disciplines: pistol shooting, epee fencing, swimming, riding (equestrian show jumping) and cross-country running.

And how are my "events" coming along? I completed my heel for sock #1 last night and did the ankle, plus about an inch of the leg. I still have lots more knitting to do, but maybe I can finish it tonight.

I ripped out my scarf. I did not like how wide it was, or how loose looking. So I changed to size 8 needles and only cast on 16 stitches. Hopefully it will look better. But this scarf is FAST, so I don't think I'll have any problem getting it done in time.

Tomorrow I will have to make a few more cloths and whip up a purse for a swap. I love crochet. You can whip up a bag in no time, and it still looks pretty decent.

I bought some yarn at HL the other day. Sport Weight yarn for a pair of fingerless gloves. I need to get done with all these other projects so I can cast on some more. Or maybe I should get off the computer and do some knitting...

Next week I am going to start home schooling my girls. They want to start now, but I'm not quite ready. Plus I still need to get a few more books...but we can wing it until then. My oldest son started yesterday. I don't understand why they would have 2 half days instead of giving them an extra day off and start with a full day. But I guess a lot of that does not make sense to me anyway.

I  have no pics today.  Guess I'm going to try and do a few rounds on my socks. Hopefully I can show you the completed sock tomorrow!


Aunt Kathy said...

The school gets money for the kids for every day they have school as long as it's at least 1/2 a day. Yeah, I know what you're thinking, me too.

What kind of homeschooling program are you using? We used Christian Liberty Academy.

Anonymous said...

Interesting information about the pentathlon. I would say I am much like you!