Monday, July 7, 2008

A Bevy of Cloths

I have been knitting. Like a crazyman!! I just can't post anything I've done, or even talk about them, or I may be discovered. So it's hush hush around here.

I can, however, show off my dishcloths since my partners know they are getting them. They just won't know which ones!

I kind of overextended myself for swaps this month. Actually, a few of them are finishing up in the next few days, so I've been busy putting finishing touches on some packages that need to go out.

This first cloth is called Circles, and it's found on Samriek's blog. The picture really does not do this cloth justice. And was it a challenge!! I had to write to Marie and get some help, since one row was not adding up. I learned how to decrease 5 stitches into 1, and also how to increase from 1 stitch to 3. So not only was this a challenge, it was a learning experience. I am so glad I stuck to it and finished it. And once you get the hang of the stitches, it's quite easy.


I also did 3 from Maile's site.  I am not taking the time to link directly to the patterns. Take some time and look over all the wonderful patterns.


This is Twistn' the night away. It's a mock cable. Very interesting pattern, but very fast. I memorized it after a few repeats (only 4 rows). Sorry about the bad picture!


This one is called Starry Skies Lace Ensemble. Yeah, bad pic again. Either it's me or my camera. I can never seem to take good pics of my cloths. Anyway, I used America's Best Cabled Cotton from EP. I received the yarn months ago, and it called to me for this pattern. I think it is quite fitting. You really can't see the lace design from this picture, but it is very delicate. I like the cabled cotton a lot. It's similar to  Sinfonia and Paton's Grace, but feels sturdier. It's definitely plied tighter since there is very little splitting. I think this would be wonderful for summer garments or lightweight items.

This one is Garter Drop Stitch. Very easy and quick. Just garter stitch on every row, and dropped stitches on every 6th row. I used Sinfonia on this one.


And this is my wonky 2-way potholder. I used 2 strands of yarn together on size 10 needles. I must have messed up on the edges since it's so wonky. But it will work great, especially since it kind of folds in on itself.

That's all the progress I have to show. I want to get the Serafina shawl done by the end of the month. It would be great if I had it done by this time next week so I could give it to my MIL and get it out of my hair. If I make another one, I will use Joann's Rainbow Boucle and a larger hook. The smaller size is killing me and taking forever.

I also want to finish some WIP's that are turning into UFO's. Vann's baby blanket and the Round Jacob's Ladder. All of these are pretty much either halfway or more done, so I just need to finish them.

I am also going to make my MIL a drop stitch stole. I think she will like it. They are quick and easy. But the stockinette might get to me after awhile. And I need to pick up my Clap and work on that. I would like to have that by the end of summer, for the  cooler fall nights. The thought of warmth right now is ridiculous, since it's so hot and humid. But my son told me yesterday that school starts on Aug. 12. Is that soon or what? A month away!! This summer is just flying by.

Now I will answer SP 12 #4.

1) What yarn (that you don’t have/haven’t used) would make your stash “complete”?

That would depend upon my project. I am trying to limit stash...but I would like some Noro silkgarden or Noro sock yarn. Those I could work with!
2) What yarn do you never want to be without? This one is easy for me. The answer would be: Cotton, of course.  I would be very sad if I didn't have cotton to do a dishcloth.

That's it for today. Hopefully my next update will contain my FO's: Serafina Shawl!!

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Aunt Kathy said...

You have been busy. LOL.

I too over extended on swaps, and am frantically trying to get them all ready to go out this week.

I never get good pictures either, I think I need to build a light box.