Thursday, June 12, 2008


I am a member of the At My House Yahoo Group (click on the doily in my sidebar). The group is great. They have exchanges every month, and some exchanges are bigger than others. Well, I finally decided to join the Secret Buddy exchange. It's a three month exchange, and you just send a big box of goodies to your pal (who doesn't know who you are.) It's similar to Secret Pal...


Well, I got my goodies!! I was shocked when I heard the doorbell ring, and there on my doorstep was a HUGE box. I could barely get it in the door. Then when I opened it, I was just amazed!!! Everything was wrapped up in  nicely colored tissue paper, and everything was fantastic! Here's a pic of almost all of my newly acquired loot:


You really can't tell by the pic, but there was tons of stuff. Not only did I get 6 balls of fun fur and 2 balls of ribbon yarn, I got a pair of light up knitting needles (size 6, one of my faves!) and a very nice set of crochet hooks. 

My partner, who has not been revealed yet, was even thoughtful enough to send a gift for each of my children. Yes, all 6 kids got something nice. Here's a few pics of some of them.


I must tell you, these girls played NICELY all day with each other and these dolls. And I thank you for labeling them so there was NO arguing on who got which doll. The dolls are little angles, on their knees praying. So cute!! And the girls thank you. My oldest daughter would not put her doll down all day.


Here's the newest addition trying to get to his new toy. It's one of those that plays a nice song when you pull down on it.

I thought I got a pic of the other boys with their gifts, but I guess not. Anyway, the two middle boys got cute soft cuddly teddy bears. I will post a pic soon! My oldest got a nifty hand held game (couldn't say which one, since he snatched it away so fast, LOL). They all shared the candy between them.

Here are close ups of some of my favorites:


This poncho is made out of thread. It's so lightweight and gorgeous, I can't even describe it. The picture does not do it justice at all. The design is very intricate. I love this!


A fun fur scarf, and boy is it fun! I can't wait for colder weather to wear it a lot. It's soft and stretchy, and beautiful.


Look at this handmade basket of toiletries. It's nice and thick, and the soap inside smells so good. This basket was stuffed with shower items, a few handmade facecloths, body spray, soap, manicure set, and a scrubby shower glove.

Now let me tell you what else I received. I got this awesome red hat bag with wheels. It's nice and deep, and I'm thinking for my stash, which is right now in a basket on the floor. I received another cute bag which I will make into a traveling craft bag. Let's see... a nice flag scarf/ascot with a crocheted pin to keep it on, several cloths/potholders/coasters.  A nice toweltopper, which we REALLY need! Sudoku books and calendar. I got my hubby hooked on those, too! A loaf pan tote with a pan in it, a tea pot covered in the cutest tea cozy, a bunch of tea, a dishcloth dress, some fun embroidered belt kits, a nice box of chocolates, a giant pen, and other crochet/knit notions. If I forgot anything, I am truly sorry, since there was so much there. Thanks so much, Secret Buddy for this awesome box of goodness!! 


Myownigloo said...

Wow! You're really getting spoiled! That poncho is stunning!

Briley said...

My goodness what a wonderful secret pal you received. Such nice and thoughtful gifts!