Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Nubbins, Clap, Mitered Grannies

I finally decided to cast on my Clap. The yarn had been sitting there, waiting, for days. It called to me. So I gave in, despite all my other projects, and cast on. I have only worked on it one day, and finished the first section, and am on my 3rd repeat of the 2nd section. It's going pretty fast, and I am really enjoying the pattern. No wonder this is a favorite for so many.  I read one person on Ravelry who got bored with the stockinette... which is quite possibly going to happen to me, but so far so good. Here's a peek:


I have also been working on a few dishcloths. Here's one called 1890 pineapple from Maile's site:


I love this pattern. It's a knitted version of the crocheted pineapple, which I have fallen in love with. It's so elegant. I ended the pattern too soon, as usual, so it's a weird shape. I did not block it either. This was done in SnC twists. I got this ball on sale for 99 cents.

Here are two dishcloths from Lily's Kitchen  Kolors. It's the Mitered Granny square:

007 008

I'm not too sure about the orange and's a weird color combo. I do like the pink and blue. I did not do the corners right since it is more round than square.

I also did a Nubbins Modular cloth.  This was fun to do, but it seemed to take forever. I do like the nubbins, and I guess all the extra work was worth it. Lots of casting on and binding off. This was done in orange and green. Very summery.


And a close up of the nubbins:011

Here's a look at the fun fur scarf I am working on. It's done on size 15 needles. I think I cast on 15, and am doing garter stitch. It's not a brainless knit however, since I have to pay attention to the stitches with the funky fun fur. If you've ever used it, you know what I'm talking about.


This might look long, but it's not really. I'm planning on using the whole skein of yarn for this scarf. It might end up being 8-12 feet long!

Last of all, here's a potholder I made using the same SnC twists. It called for 2 strands held together, so it's nice and thick.


The last few posts were scant on pics, so I thought I'd beef this one up with lots! I do have to answer my weekly sp12 question as well:

SP12 QOTW #2

As a kid, what did you look forward to most about summer vacation/break/holiday?

I guess the answer for me would be to decide on the time of my life. I always enjoyed spending time with my relatives, whoever they were (my parents were divorced, so it would be whoever I happened to be visiting, since we also bounced around between them). I also enjoyed the break from routine...getting up and ready for school, the long bus ride or walk...being able to sleep in, walk in the woods, and enjoy myself with outdoorsy adventures.  As I grew older, I enjoyed spending time with my friends, staying out late on summer nights and feeling the warmth of the day evaporate. I loved staying up all night and watching the sun rise. (we're talking teen years here).  I guess it was always fun to be able to do what I wanted when I wanted, without a schedule or hectic running around, and taking time to enjoy the outdoors.


Whew, that's it for now. I must also say, since we're talking about sp 12, what a great partner I have. I already got a postcard in the mail yesterday. It was a real postcard, with a stamp on it. And I got a virtual postcard in my email today. How awesome is that? So here's a shout out to my secret pal who is doing an awesome job! Thanks and YOU ROCK!!


Amanda said...

Wow you've been busy! I love all the brightly colored cloths. They ALMOST make me want to do dishes. Almost.

Myownigloo said...

I must say, I had to read carefully! In my day, "my clap" wasn't something one spoke about in public!

(You do good work.)