Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More Not So Random Questions

The first question comes from Keepin Cool in Summer Dishcloth Swap, and the question is:

What do you do to beat the summer heat?

This is a two-fold answer, since I have to deal with my little ones as well. If it's really hot/humid, we go to the water park.  It sprays out frigid water, so this only works when the temps are above...say 80.

Now if we 're talking heat and humidity, I have to hibernate or I will melt. No central air here. I made hubby put in the window AC in our room, and crank it up when it's sweltering. And if it's that bad, I'll let the kids in too. Nice, huh? I also will  put the fan right in front of it, so the cold air is blowing right on me legs...and then I watch TV and knit. Perfect way to pass those late afternoon hours when the sun is baking the house.

Now, if it's not totally unbearable, I think ice cream is a nice way to cool down. And the kids love it! Then of course, there's the nice cool glass of water.

Ok, now for some knitting content. The second question is from SP12, and the question is:

What would you consider the perfect amount of stash?

Wow, this is a tough one. I remember a blog post where I complain about large stashes...but I think that was more out of envy than anything else. What fiber artist does not want enough yarn to have their own personal store? Heck, if I had the money, and the room, I would have an insane stash. There are so many nice yarns I would like to try, so many options....makes my head spin. And when you throw spinning into the mix..well!!

Realistically, I have to face reality. I do not have the space (we barely squeeze into our house as it is!) or the money (6 kids, one a teenage boy) to have a large stash. Or any stash, LOL. But somehow I do manage to have the smallest of stashes. I have yarn from a project I started last summer, but have since frogged. I had yarn I had to toss since it got all tangled up and dirty and stuff. I have yarn that I planned projects for, but have not gotten around too yet.

So what would be the perfect amount of stash? I guess enough to cover the basics.  I don't make sweaters, so I don't need 10 balls of anything. If I plan on an afghan or blanket, then I can purchase what I need, no need to stash it. When I buy yarn, I must have a project in mind. If not, I don't buy, unless the price is too good to pass up, and even then if I can't justify it some, it stays in the store. I guess having some yarn on hand is good, since there are projects that you want to start on immediately. I like to have cotton on hand for dishcloths. That's most of my stash. How many? At least 4-5 balls at any given time.

The perfect amount of stash would be enough to complete any project currently OTN, any yarn that belongs to a project in the near future, and some random yarn, not more than 4 skeins or so, for random projects.  Enough to be easily portable, and that fits comfortably wherever it is stored.

That's it for today. Here's a random pic for  your enjoyment.


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