Monday, June 23, 2008

Mini Purse Swap

Another swap from Ravelry, hosted by the awesome Dee and her daughter. It was a secret swap, so there was no communication from your partner, which was kind of weird, but it worked out ok. I started to sweat a little, but everything is good.


No, this is not the mini purse. It's what the bag came in! How cute. Now I have another on the go knitting bag. It has a snap on the top to keep it shut.


Here is what was inside. Two skeins of SWS, 2 skeins of Rowan Cork, and one skein of Classic Elite Hash. Wow, I really like the colors. She also sent me a little bag filled with awesome knitting supplies:


You really can't tell, but it was stuffed full. I got a chibi, which is funny because I have a hard time keeping track of my darning needles. There's a set of stitch holders in there, a crochet hook, a very cute lady bug tape measure, some Burt's Bees lip balm, stitch markers, scissors, and bandaids. I will have to hide those from my daughter, who tried to immediately lay claim to them.


Isn't this the cutest card you've ever seen? I love it.

Now without further ado, the buttonhole bag:


Don't you just love the flower embellishment? It is removable as well. How cool! I would like to thank my partner, Cindy V. for this awesome package and for a great swap! She is known on Ravelry as Sauvageblue.


I know looking at yarn and swaps is quite fulfilling, but I want to show you something that I saw last night.  A storm rolled through here about 8 pm, and this is the aftermath:


Can you see the double rainbow? I thought it was pretty cool, and had to show the kids. It stretched across the whole sky...

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Myownigloo said...

What a gorgeous little fly catcher! And that "rainbow"? in the next entry is unbelievable!