Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cables and Spindles: sp 12 !!

First, I want to show what I received in the mail on Saturday. I had the weekend all planned out according to what I was going to get done. As soon as I opened the box, all the plans went out the door.


You can see the cute sunflower postcard. It says: from your sp12 partner. She got it off ebay! Yeah!!  I will do the keychain sock in a bit...I think  this is the most awesome idea since you can knit a sock with leftover yarn, and have a matching pair: one on your keys, and one on your feet.

She also sent me this top whorl spindle to learn to spin. 023

Along with some practice roving. I tried to do some drafting and spinning, but was not very successful. This is going to take some practice! And, I haven't been to a knitting group meeting in ages, so this has prompted me to go and learn from real people how to use it. So this gift is useful in many ways: I get to learn a new craft, and I get to reconnect with my knitting friends in the process. How awesome! Thanks so much, pal!!  I really loved this, and I know I will enjoy it once I get the hang of it. And I have a confession to make: I was online looking at spinning wheels. How crazy is that?? Is that normal behavior?

Along the knitting front, I completed some cabled projects. I saw this dishcloth and had to recreate it. So I did. Here's my version of Synchronicity:


Looks like the pattern pic, heh? I LOVE this cable pattern. It looks so intricate, but it's so very easy. And it knit up super fast! You can get the pattern at Cloth of the Week: Knit at Yahoo groups.


Here's another view to better see the texture and loveliness of this awesome cloth.

Another cable pattern I completed today  was the KAL from Shirley's Knitting Knook.  The pattern Shirley designed is called Circle of Friendship Caddy. 


This pic really does not do this justice. I do have close ups of the pocket and the friendship cable.


This is the pocket. Very nice, huh?


This is the body, where the friendship cable is. I like the design since it can be adjusted to be longer or shorter as needed. My couch arms are big and round, so a few more cable rows would not have hurt. Go and visit Shirley's blog. I really appreciate that she designed this for the members of her yahoo group.

Ok, so I'm done knitting for the night. It's 8 pm, and I  have been working on the friendship caddy all day! I do have another cloth for a swap OTN, and will cast on right away for it's mate as soon as it's done. I may try to play with the spindle some more, or I may just sit back and relax. We have to watch Pursuit of Happyness with Will Smith tonight, so I think I'm done crafting. Maybe. Who knows? I think I'm obsessed!!!


Miss 376 said...

If you're mad so am I, I've looked at spinnning wheels before, but resisted. I needed someone to show me how to use it

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy your package arrived so quickly! Sorry to "ruin" your weekend plans... LOL!!

Have fun learning.

Oh, I hope you like the yarn that came with the little sock blocker. I chose the handspun yarn option. :)