Friday, May 23, 2008


I know this has nothing to do with knitting at all, but it is the time I do a lot of my knitting, so I think it's fair game. Plus, I don't have a lot of knitting content just yet. I am about to embark on a crafting crazy marathon this weekend. I signed up for a secret pal swap, which is to be mailed out on the 7th of June, and I kind of forgot about it. So I need to really whip out some projects quick. At least I know what I am going to, so that is not so bad, it's just doing it.

On to Netflix. Me and my hubby signed up a few weeks ago. He loves to watch movies, and we can't afford the movie theatre, and since gas is soaring, why not let them deliver to us??? So we've been watching about 3 movies a week from Netflix. If you don't have it, I suggest you get it. It's awesome. Not only do you get to pick out what movies you want to watch and when, you can also download movies onto your pc and not have to deal with the mail system. This is good while you are waiting for your movies to arrive (which is about a 2 day turn-around for us). Yes, a distribution center is in our city!! Don't know where, but it is.

So yesterday I watched Atonement with Kiera Knightly and James McEvoy. It is a very good story. Kinda slow in the middle to middle  end, but it turned out horribly sad yet somehow satisfying. And the title says it all. Now I have to go check out the book and see how it compares. Too bad they don't have a system like Netflix for books. I would definitely sign up for that one! (Don't get me started on my library, I'm having serious issues with them right now.)

I also watched Stranger Than Fiction with Will Farell. It is a nice offbeat story and not like Will's other comedies. It has a nice ending too. This movie is intriguing and has a very good plot.

The other movie we watched this week was No Country For Old Men. I am still thinking about this one. No, it did not end the typical way, with all the loose ends wrapped up. Maybe I didn't get it, I don't know. I 'm not saying that I did not like it, but I don't think it was brilliant. Worthy of an Academy Award? Maybe. I'm not part of the Academy, so I have no idea what their standards are.

While watching TV, I did get lots of knitting done. Which is a good thing. I believe I have overextended myself with all these exchanges. Not panicking yet, but I am starting to breathe a bit faster. Yeah, maybe I'll sit a few out for June, or maybe I'll join a few more. Silly rabbit!

Ok, so just to put some kind of crafting thing in this post, here's a pic of a swap I just received from my partner Alix from the group Monthly Dishlcoth Swappers.

May dishcloth swap from Alix

I felt very spoiled and blessed to get this. I have had a lousy week, and getting this big box o'goodies on my step was a nice way to end it off. Thanks Alix!!

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Briley said...

Hi Anita! Sorry it's been so long since I have been in touch. I hope you and your family are well.

I love this post because I was having a conversation with a co-worker about the price of seeing a film at the cinema these days. I find it offensive! With a family your size you could purchase several DVDs for less than one trip to the cinema.

I still haven't joined Netflix, but I know I should.