Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy April Fool's Day!!!

What do you have planned for today?  Going to play a trick on the kiddos, the spouse, or the family pet? How about tricking your yarn...start on a project, then suddenly start frogging while insanely laughing? 


Ok, maybe not.  But it is April Fool's Day, and some people are known to pull all the punches to catch some poor sap in the world's best trick. 

I am not one of those.  We have too many scams and hoaxes going around so I don't feel the need to contribute. 

For instance, how many of you innocently crashed your computer by visiting a certain  "embroidery" site that kept sneaking into our Yahoo groups, even changing e-mail addy's?  (Kudos to the moderators who had to deal with this malicious person!)

To date myself, how many of you remember the pop group Milli Vanilli from the 80's?  I guess that was harmless enough at the time, though they were stripped of their grammy and fooled everyone.  Sadly, one of the "singers" did wind up committing suicide

The latest e-mail scam is about boycotting big oil to force a price war and bring down gas prices.  Little do we know that big oil furnishes gas to the smaller outlets, so we ain't hurting anyone except the station owners who live and spend money in our community.

For more hoaxes, check out Snopes.com or the Hoax Files. It makes for interesting April Fool's reading.


On the knitting front: I have several FO's to share.  My Big Bag is done AND felted.  It took 3 trips through the washer to get it done.  You can see from the pics the size difference. I used my toddler as a reference point.  Big Bag pre-felting

Big Bag felted

He wasn't as enthused to show off the felted bag, LOL.


And a close up of the bag...

Big Bag finished

I've been doing dishcloth knitting (surprise, surprise!). These 3 patterns were taken from Maile's website, k1p1 Keeping You in Stitches Studio.


spring Buds This one is Spring Buds.

Spring Arbor This is called Spring Arbor.

Temecula Vineyard Stripe And Temecula Vineyard Stripe.

It seems like I have a touch of the Spring Fever.

I am also working on a baby blanket for Vann. I bought some baby yarn, and had no idea what to do with it, so I went to my Ravelry queue and found this blanket that I wanted to make. I thought it would be a nice fast knit, not too hot for the spring months. Now I just need to get it done before summer gets here!

Vann's blanket 1

This is only a cross section of the blanket. I've done the beginning half panel and eyelet rows, and am almost halfway through the full panel. I will need to get more yarn, but it's keeping me busy for  now.


I also have a pair of socks OTN, and need to pick those back up. I think sock knitting would be fairly easy to put down and pick back up with lots of interruptions from the baby. I don't know, maybe I'm just not a sock knitter, though I want to be.

Which reminds me. I had this weird dream last night about sock knitting. It winds up that I had a 2 skeins of sock yarn with my 2 circulars thrown away, but they weren't. It's a  long story, and has to do with a carnival. Weird.

Anyway, have a good and safe April 1st. Try and get some knitting done!

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Briley said...

I love the before and after shots of the bag. Pre-felted it could have been a sleeping bag for you little one!