Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Big Bag progress and more dishcloths

So I've been doing some knitting. I have been trying to get my dishcloths done for my swaps, which are finished now, just have to put them in the mail.

I started on dishcloths, which are quick and easy, and can be put down without too much trouble remembering where I am (usually). So these are the dishcloths I've done since the baby was born.

This one is from the Peaches n Creme website, designed by Briley. It's called Crocheted Ridges. You really can't tell from the pic, but it's full of textured goodness. I really like this one. It's a very easy project and quick. I used the sea mist ombre, I think. This color reminds me of spring and babies for some reason.

This one is the Basic Modular dishcloth from inahappycamper (scroll down to find the pdf file). I like this one as well. It was pretty easy and turned out good. I like modular dishcloths, but I think next time I will use smaller needles. The stitches were kind of loose...

Last but not least, this one:

Splish splash mermaid designed by Maile Mauche. (My pic is upside down, oops!) This cloth was fun and easy to knit. I cast on for the larger cloth on size 6 needles, and it turned out kinda big for me, but good for a swap. Very pretty, and the pattern shows through the colors, which I like. I don't like patterns that get swallowed up in the variegated yarn.

I also started my Big Bag for my Swap/KAL. I picked up three skeins of Patons Wool for this one, holding 2 strands throughout. I need to go get another green skein, since it is the bottom of my bag and I am running out. It is the "separator" between the pink and purple stripes. I probably could have picked up another color, but it's kinda hard working with three different colors and 2 strands of yarn coming from each color.

I hope my partner likes this bag. I can't wait to felt it.

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Moonlit Goddess said...

I think your bag looks great. Really Springy colored, which is what everyone needs after the never-ending winter.