Thursday, March 6, 2008

Finally Pics

Here's a few to tempt you.....

The shawl is the Serafim Shawl that I am crocheting for my MIL. I don't know if she really likes it, but I do know that people like getting free stuff, and it's coming from me, her favorite DIL (her only DIL, LOL). I need to make her a kitchen set that somehow includes grapes....

The bottom picture is the baby blanket I am crocheting for our newest addition, due in three weeks, but will hopefully arrive sooner. It is pretty easy, and quick. You really can't tell from the pic, but it has a nice texture with a Front Post DC on every other row. I don't know about the colors, but hubby helped me pick them out. I may have to get a few more skeins to finish this. What you are looking at is two full skeins, plus about one row of a third. Hopefully I'll get it done before the arrival!!

Let's see, the two "middle" kids have been gone a week and a half. Since my blood pressure has been on the high side, my MIL is helping out by taking them to New York with her. They will be home on Sunday, so they've been gone for about 2 weeks. Funny how quiet the house is, how my blood pressure is ok now..but I sure do miss the chaos. My two middle kids are a girl, 5 and my boy who is 3. I still have the 14 yo boy, the 7yo girl, and the 18month old boy at home, but it's so much less stressful.

I have been doing charity cloths all month. Here' s a pic of the ones I had handy. I know there's more, I just need to find out where the baby put them!

They are mostly just Granny's Favs, and crochet with the ballband pattern from a ball of PnC. I need to get them mailed soon. I do have more than 4, since I can whip a few out in a few days, and that's pretty much all I've been doing lately, now where did I put them?

Other news of note....

My flu is gone, but I got some kind of head cold...this is seriously the most I've been sick in ages! Is it the baby that's keeping me sick, or lack of good food, or the air filter on my furnace? Cause I'm sick and tired of being sick. I'm not debilitated, just stuffy and congested. It is a nuisance, but I guess it could be worse.
We finally got a new computer. This is a nice one, and hopefully should last us a while. The old one lasted about 5 years, so I'm not complaining any, but the cost of getting the new technology is simply amazing, especially if you want to get the newest and best that you can afford.
I told hubby I wanted a big screen TV when we get our stimulus package money from the Government. That's what we are supposed to do with it, right? Buy stuff we don't need, put the money back into the economy? So I don't feel guilty at all. And we really do need a new TV. Hubby dropped it when he was connecting something, and now we got a big green half circle in one corner and a big red half circle in the other. It does make watching TV challenging. I keep reminding myself about all the poor kids in Africa who don't even have a TV to watch....

I joined a new bag swap. I hope this baby comes soon, so I can knit a bag in nice colors and get the appropriate stuff without having to worry about delivery and such. I also joined a group of dishcloth swappers...I'll put the button in my sidebar and add more info soon. I have internet!!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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Briley said...

Hi Anita! Sorry to hear you have been sick, but I am glad you have found a solution to the blood pressure. I hope the baby arrives soon!