Friday, February 29, 2008

Empty Promises

For pics that is. I think my camera needs a new battery. But I will try and get some pics on here soon. I know, a knitting blog is boring without seeing the WIPs or FOs. Why bother?

So I have regular access to internet now, YEAH!!! But still no computer. Using a laptop with an internet card. But it works for me. I'm gonna burn myself out.

So the last post was on the 11th. I did get the flu!!! I had it bad. Felt like I wanted to die. I had to dose myself with flu medicine, and when it started to wear off, all I would do is lie there and whine like a baby. I told my hubby to take me in the back and just shoot me! How awful to get sick like that. I haven't been sick like that in ages....I can only remember one time, when I was 13 or so. So then I got the dreaded congestion after the flu ravaged me. I had to use this nasal spray so I could breathe. Man, not being able to breathe is worse then the flu, I think. But that messed me up, so I had to use nasal spray for kids- it's just saline, but it worked. My congestion lasted about 2 weeks, but I'm getting better now. Finally. I would not wish this on my worst enemy!

I've been doing dishcloth knitting. Tons of it. I can't say if I prefer knitting to crocheted dishcloths, however. You can get a crocheted cloth done in an hour, but it takes at least twice that for knitted. I do, however, prefer the look of knit over crochet. Plus you can make some pretty awesome cloths.

I've been working on a shawl. I'm going to give it to my MIL, whenever I get it done. I should have it done by the time this baby is born. I only have about 1 or 2 repeats to go. I should just do it, get it out of the way...

I'm trying to learn to knit socks on 2 circs. I did not like the magic loop method. Too much adjusting the yarn on the needle, pushing, pulling, etc. Plus I got really confused at where I was. This seems to be going better so far. I ordered 2 sets of circs from knitpicks, the harmony brand (boy are they beautiful!!!) but I left the socks out, and they got broke. I was mad! Pieces of my needles were scattered around, and I found them for about 3 days after that. So my birthday was on the 13th. I got 2 new sets of circs, this time the nickel plated (no breakage again!) and 2 skeins each of clearance Essential sock yarn. Plus a book, Knitting circles around socks. These patterns are cuff down, but that's ok. I tried doing Silver's sock class with 1 sock on 2 circs, but the toe wound up looking like a snake (Briley's bath puppets) and there wasn't really a heel flap, just a short row heel. I've only done one round so far with this book, but it seems to be going better, less confusion on where I'm at, and definitely less re-arranging of the sock on the needles.

I'm going to start a baby blanket probably today. I still have another month (I just know it!) so I'm not really in too big a hurry. I may make a few baby sweaters, but I kinda want to know how big this kid is going to be. Since we are on the cusp of a season change, I hate to make things to big and heavy, but they still need to be warm enough for a newborn, who can't quite control their heating system yet. Maybe that's why I haven't felt like doing any baby knitting. My hubby says I haven't started nesting yet. Maybe I won't, with this one. I have no desire to "get things ready". I have a box full of baby clothes that need to be washed and sorted. If he comes early, we are all in trouble!!!

I'm going to see if my camera will work, and take pics of what I have accomplished so far this month. I updated my Ravelry site with finished projects, but no pics. Plus I hate that I have to upload them on Flickr first. I'm just too lazy! Takes time away from my knitting, and online game playing...

Hopefully next time, there will be pics! Or maybe just more empty promises...

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Anonymous said...

Oh no!! I would cry for a week if I had Harmony needles and they were broken!! The child who broke them would cry for 2 weeks! LOL! I'm sorry you lost them.

Anyway, obviously I'm here to test anonymous commenting. Good to go! I'll send you Big Bag invite now. :)