Monday, February 11, 2008

Baby....not yet!!!

In non-knitting news, I've been having health problems this past week...

I have developed high blood pressure, and the docctors want to make sure I don't have pre-eclampsia. I don't, thank goodness! But I spent Thursday night and today at the hospital getting monitored. I have to be on bed-rest, which is impossible with 4 kids at home, 2 under 3, and trying to homeschool. No wonder my bloodpressure is high!!!

So I technically have 6 more weeks left, but I can deliver in 3 weeks and be at term. So I have to lay around and try to remain stress free for 3 weeks. Guess I have to knit a lot!!! I joined a charity group called LuvsManyCloths that donates knitted/crocheted items monthly to various organizations country and world wide. This will keep me busy, since I have been on a dishcloth kick this past month.

You'd think I'd be knitting baby items like crazy, but the thought of it does not interest me. Odd, that I don't feel like knitting baby items! Maybe it's the hormones...

I will try and upload pics of all the stuff I've been doing tomorrow...I feel like I'm trying to get sick, headaches and tiredness, the draggy achey feeling. I got it from my hubby!

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Briley said...

Oh, no! Toomany kids at home for rest. You should rent them out until the new baby comes!

Seriously, though, I'm glad to hear that nothing is seriously wrong, and I do hope you manage to rest! Good luck getting through the next few weeks.