Sunday, January 20, 2008

Pics hopefully!!

I borrowed my Dad's laptop, so I will see if I can download some pics for you to feast your eyes on. Not sure how this will work, so be patient.
This is the Baby Yoda I made out of Simply Soft. I know the color is not babyish, but it's what I had on hand, and good for practice. It turned out ok, but my guage was off, so it's kinda large.

The Candle flame scarf. Still only one side nearly done. This is taking forever!! But it's turning out pretty well, and I really like the yarn I chose. I really need to hurry and finish, or it will be a gift for next year. Oh yeah, this is made with Simply Soft Shadows, I forget the colorway...

Ok, here's the one of 4 finished projects. It's called Lovely Lace, from the book 7-Day Afghans. I used two balls of Bernat Value in Oatmeal and Brown. I barely had enough to finish. The yarn was 8 oz, and the pattern called for 6 oz in each color. Oh well, it still turned out ok, and it's a lapghan more than anything.

On the subject of this blanket, last night my youngest daughter got ahold of some scissors and decided to cut a nice size hole in this blanket. I was online, so I wasn't supervising well enough, I guess. Anyway, this morning, my husband decided to fix it. He got a crochet hook, and you can't even tell from the front, unless you are looking for it!!! Way to go, hubby! He isn't even crafty in that sense. Here's a pic of him....

I made my son a blanket that he loves. This was also in the 7 Day Afghan book. It was crocheted with 2 skeins of Caron 10 0z skeins, Rainbow something. My memory is slipping. Shouldn't be happening so soon, LOL. It only took 3 days to finish, but again I barely had enough to do thefringe. I need to work on my tension!

OK,that's all the patience I have for today using this laptop. I have tons of pics to show still, but I will try and do that later this week.

So I gave in...and broke my vow. How sad. I am almost done with one scarf. I can get that done today, and get cracking on the candle flame scarf soon. I have been busy doing small projects like dishcloths and bookmarks. I need the instant gratification right now, especially since I told myself I would not start any more big projects until the 3 remaining are done.

I want to learn to do socks on 2 circs. Silver's Sock class has a great new tutorial up, so I decided to go for it. I don't really like magic loop. Seems like there's too much moving the yarn from one end of the needle to the other, trying to keep track of where you I thought I would just go back to using DPN's. But the circ method seems to be slightly faster, without having to worry about ladders and picking up stitches, and losing your needles. Keeping track of 5 needles is somewhat hard in my household... I purchased two Harmony circs from Knitpicks along with some yarn. It was less than $20, but I still feel bad about giving in...But I guess we all do it, and I have been working relentlessly on these 3 projects. Maybe I will finish up with 2 of them the circs get here!

The next post will be pics of dishcloths and bookmarks. Prepare yourself!!

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kawaii crafter said...

the "baby yoda" looks great, I try to stay away from the pink and baby blue colors myself