Monday, October 29, 2007

Some WIP's and a Rant

I updated my Ravelry projects page. I hate having projects with no pics...seems like they should put the generic pic up until you update your page...anyway, that is my only complaint, cause I love Ravelry.

I talked my hubby into getting me some yarn this weekend! Whoo Hoo!! Now I can actually start on some of my Ravelry queue to get more projects in there. We have come to an understanding that it's not good to have too much stash. I told him that some people have rooms full of yarn, stuff they could never use in their lifetime, and his reply is, "Yeah, and they go and buy some more." He's not stingy, mind you, but we are not wealthy either. I guess if we had spare rooms and lots of storage space and unlimited income, we could do that. But alas, having 5 kids kinda sucks the money right out of your wallet, LOL! Anyway, I have to agree with him. Maybe it's because its out of envy that I read blogs where these people have soooo much yarn. What are they doing with it? I mean it good to hoard that much? But then again, I guess it would be nice to look at a pattern and walk to your storage guest house and pull the yarn out and get to work on it. This whole thing is building character in me. It's called waiting...I don't get instant gratification...I have to have patience and work my projects until they're done before I start on another. So we agreed that it's fair to have enough "stash" for 3 ongoing projects. Which I have more of. I need to get that darned Ripple done. That will reduce most of my stash...and it's not even yarn I purchased!

Ok, enough of the rant. The bottom line: I would have a huge stash if I could get away with it!! That's my dirty little secret.

I am working on a crochet shawl (stash buster) that I had to start over on. I used too small of a crochet hook. I should have known by doing the first row what a pain it was going to be. I had to fight to get the yarn through and keep it on the hook. I am now about up to where I was before I frogged it, and it took me nearly half as long! I guess they give you gauge specs for a reason. Well, here's a pic to show you my meager progress on it.

I am also using the yummy yarn my SP11 got for me. It's Cherry Tree Hill Spanish Moss I believe. It is so soft and wonderful to work with. I now know why people become "yarn snobs", who won't touch acrylic for their lives, and only work with the nicer yarns. I want to knit this scarf, just to feel the yarn in my hands. I might have to move to a year round cold climate so I can enjoy this scarf for more than a few months at a time!! Here's a bad you can't rub your face against the screen and feel the softness!

I want to have enough left over for a pair of fingerless gloves, but that might just be wishful thinking. I used size 3 needles, and it's pretty fast, just gets tedious after awhile. It's called the multi directional diagonal scarf.

Last of all, I got some wool. Whoo hoo!! It was on sale at Michael's for only $4 a skein. I had to decide what to do, the felted clogs, or the Andrea Bag? I still had to purchase the clogs pattern, so I decided on the Andrea Bag. This is my first felted project, and I am glad that it is this bag. It's so simple, and it seems to be going fairly fast. I might even get it done today at some point...Here's the beginning and what I have done so far.

It is knitted in the round with slipped stitches, starting from the top. The bottom is mitered and the handles are knitted and sewn on after felting. I don't know how long they will be since I have less yarn then the pattern calls for...maybe an I-cord instead of flat knitted.

I also got a skein of Vanna's Choice. It was on sale too, and the right colors for another scarf I want to try. I have to get at least one of these other projects done before I cast on for that one.
I found a skein of Sinfonia today. I have 2 full skeins, one in orange variegated and the other in solid orange. What to do with these? I got them on sale months ago, and I really love the yarn. But I don't want to make dishcloths out of them. Another scarf? A mini lapghan? Maybe a wrap? Hmmmm. But I will let you know when I find out!


Anonymous said...

You're right, its Spanish Moss!

You only need about 150 yds left over to make gloves that are 6" from cuff to end if you do them on size 1 needles (I've done them before). So maybe you can get gloves out of that skein too!!

You only have one package left, so if there is something in particular you would like please leave me some hints!!!!

Your SP 11 Spoiler :o)

g. said...

not everyone has a big stash. lot's of us buy for the project at hand and are perfectly fine with it, don't feel like you're the only small-stash blogger out there. :)

Briley said...

Anita, I do have quite a large stash, but have started buying only what I need for specific projects, as I find that the stashed yarn usually doesn't work with that new pattern I want to make. So, instead of having yarn ready to go, it's just taking up space (and cost $ that could have been put to better use!)