Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dishcloths, broken needle, and fingerless gloves

I have been busy over the past few days. I knit up a few dishcloths, finished my fingerless gloves, and re-started the Long Open Shawl from my queue on Ravelry.

Let me show you the dishcloths. I apologize for the horrible pics. I used the flower mode on my camera, and I couldn't check outside how they came out since the sun was so bright. Ah well, at least there was sun today! Lots and lots of glorious sun!

This is the Granny's Patchwork Pinwheel cloth.
My cloth did not turn out the like the one shown on the blog. In fact, I ran out of Licorice and had to use white for the rest of the last square. I had a problem with seaming. It looks as if my 4 yr old daughter sewed it together. But dishes don't care how the clothes look, and this definitely won't be a gift!! Done in PnC Licorice and Ecru.

This is the 2 Way Cloth.
Made with Bernat Cottontots in a pink variegated. Very soft cloth.
Pretty easy to make, and fast too. I had to go back however, since it called for a CO of 60 stitches. Way too many. I like a dishcloth, not a towel, to do dishes with!! So I only went up to 40 stitches, and it is the perfect size for me. A bit bigger than my hand, but not gargantuan.

This last one is the Pinwheel for Putzes. I must be a Putz, because I could not figure out how to do the last triangle. I winged it, and I think it's ok. I did the crabstitch for the border, and I think it's too tight since it kinda curls in at the corners. Of course, I could have blocked it before I took the pic, but that's way too much work. I don't know if I like this pattern. I like how it turned out, but the directions were confusing....I made this one in PnC Ecru.

I also made a pair of fingerless gloves. I wanted to get a pair done ASAP since the other day it was FREEZING and my hands were ice cubes at the computer. Did not make browsing Ravelry any fun. These were knit using garter stitch. I actually cast off too soon. I could have gone at least 3-4 more rows. They are kinda tight, so I don't know how much action they will get from me. I used Red Heart sport in Aran Fleck, and it's kinda itchy too. Acrylic!

I also had to show this heartbreaking picture. (Not really, LOL!)
I woke up the other day and saw this. I was very dismayed, since these are my dishcloth needles. How did this happen? I suspect my 1 yr old...he was awake with Dad and I was in bed trying to get some sleep. He loves anything to do with my knitting (including scissors, ack!). He must of pulled one down from my messy knitting "station" and banged it into the ground. Unless someone stepped on them. Well, guess I have to get another set.

I leave you with a pic of the offender on his first birthday. Guess he was tired of cake!


Debbie said...

I've had a kid that looked that after dinner. Isn't it fun?

BellaMama said...

Try a pencil sharpener for your needles or use a knife to whiddle it to a nice'll save a few pennies. Or, you can send them to me, LOL!!
Is your baby 1 yr also!! That is too cool!!
Enjoy your day!! Knit lots!! :)

DawnK said...

Cute kid! I remember one of mine, with carrots all over the place, once!

The dishcloths are pretty, too. I have an idea of what will work, with the pinwheels for putzes dishcloth, so I can finish it today. I think the pattern would be pretty done in straight rows, eliminating the k2tog, to make a square cloth! I'll have to try that, too.

Briley said...

I agree, you should try a pencil sharpener and some extra fine sandpaper on that needle. One of my cats will chew the ends off my bamboo needles is I leave them lying around. I've fixed them with an emory board!

Anita O said...

I just wound up throwing the needles out...I don't have time or the willpower to try and fix them. Sad, our disposable society we live in. Anyway, that gives me a reason to go the LYS and try and get my hubby to get me some yarn.LOL!