Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dishcloth Swap arrived....Andrea Bag

I got my dishcloth swap package in the mail yesterday!!! Whoo Hoo!! Wow, has this been my week or what? I had a great partner, and was very excited to get the package. I will show pics in a second. I got the cutest dishcloth in a nice pattern....I don't really like the picture cloths too much, so thanks for the cloth, Karla!

Here is what I got, minus the cloth.

A nice skein of Trekking, the Lucy Bag pattern, some SnC yarn, candles, soap, tisuue, and a notepad. Thanks Karla for the great exchange. I hope you got some goodies from your partner!

I just got done with my first felted project, the Andrea Bag. And I just the Lucy Bag pattern, how did she know? Must be psychic, or checking out my Ravelry queue...or maybe both, LOL. Now I have to do the Lucy Bag soon...

Here is my finished Andrea Bag.

It turned out pretty good, I think! I used Patons Merino in Black and Radiance on size 11 needles. The bottom mitering was done with magic loop, although I still messed it up. I was so excited to see the felted bag, except I washed it with a white towel, so now I have to either pick the white lint off or shave it. Or maybe both! It could probably use a tiny bit more felting, but then it will be too small. It's just the right size now.

I fit all my dishcloth swap items into it. It will be a perfect knitting bag on short trips. I might have to make my daughters a bag too. They want one, and I really like the pattern. It does not use too much yarn, less than one skein of each color, and it knit up in a day, including felting it.

I did change the handles. I don't think I like this handle, however. I made a long Icord and attached it to the sides, instead of a flat knit of two handles. I might make another Icord in black and add that to the already existing one. but then there's the problem of keeping it the right length...or maybe I'll just leave it.

I think I feel a felted bag stage coming on....

Thanks again to Karla for the great swap! I loved everything you sent, and will put the Trekking to good use. Too bad I can't felt it. LOL!

Oh yeah, to my SP11 partner, who asked for hints for the last package...I don't really have anything that I have to have. Maybe some size 10 or so DPN's (for this felted bag stage), some more Cherry Tree Hill, LOL! Or maybe the felted clog pattern on my Ravelry queue. I feel weird leaving hints, since what I want is out of the price range, and I feel awkward asking for it...what you have done so far has been great!!! I can't wait to find out who you are!


Briley said...

Don't we get to see the dishcloth? What a nice partner you had! I think I have a ball of trekking in that same colourway, and I can't wait to use it! I'm on a sweater kick though, and I figure I can wear socks year round, but sweaters will be out again if I wait.

Your bag looks great! I can't wait to see what you come up with for mittens.

karla said...

yay! i'm glad you liked everything. i got the lucy bag pattern idea from an old blog post of yours.
your andrea bag looks awesome!
happy knitting.

hakucho said...

Your Andrea bag came out wonderful! I've bookmarked the pattern...love it :)

lots of happy knitting in 2008 :)