Friday, November 16, 2007

My computer is dead!!!

But I'm doing well. At least I have my health. I won't be getting internet until at least March. Boo Hoo!!

I received my last sp11 package today. It was great. I had the best partner ever!! She even sent me size 10 DPN's so I can start my Lucy Bag. Guess what I will be working on this weekend?
I will post pics as soon as I figure out how to upload pics on a borrowed computer.

I got a skein of knitpicks CotLin in a nice shade of green. Two skeins of Simply Soft Shadows. Some red crochet cotton, DMC. If I am forgetting anything, I am sorry. So my pal was Angela. You can check out her blog here. When I have more time I will be purusing her blog. She even has tutorials on socks on 2 circs. I will have to check that out, since I don't know if I really dig the whole magic loop thing.

In other knitting news. I made my son the skull cap, but I can't see the chart instructions on this computer for some reason. So instead of mean looking skulls, he has a plain black hat. Nice. I am making one in white for myself. No sense in wasting yarn.

I also started a mile a minute blanket. It's kind of aggravating since I have to get all the pieces to match in length, which they don't. Guess that's why I can't continental knit. I get this weird loose guage that I can't seem to do anything with. And even more wierd, the black yarn works up tons tighter than the white. No joke, it's not an optical illusion. I had to add shells onto the black strips to make them the right length.

So that's about it for the update for now. We are going to New York for Thanksgiving, so there will be no cooking for me. Yeah!! Instead we get to drive all night and make it in time for dinner. I hope they don't expect me to help clean up, LOL. That's my kind of holiday.

Have a great Thanksgiving!!

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