Saturday, October 20, 2007

A quick weekend post

Just a quick weekend post....

On Thursday evening...during Prime Time, a series of tornadoes struck in my area. I live about 40-45 minutes North of where the F-3 tornado hit, about 10:19 pm. We only got a gust of wind, some brief lightening, a few rumbles of thunder, and a lot of heavy rain. All the severe weather was either North or South of us, which I am terribly thankful.

So when I saw the news footage on Friday morning, I was shocked! I mean, we didn't get it nearly as terrible here. Houses were left in rubble, trees were down, power lines blocking the main highway to that little town. I have no other words than shocking!! Fortunately, nobody was killed, and those few that were hurt are all ok. I feel for those that have lost homes and belongings. A large portion of Amish were affected as well, but somehow I believe they will pull through much easier than some of the "city" folk.

This led me on a quest to charity knitting. I found a group that knits/crochets prayer cloths that are distributed to those in need: i.e. soldiers, the mourning, the sick. So I have decided on knitting a bunch of pocket prayer cloths, 3x5 in size, that fits into ones pocket. And as you knit them, you meditate and pray over the recipient for healing, peace, and comfort. How awesome! Once I get some better yarn, I will start on prayer shawls as well. I think those in need can really use these scraps to feel the love that was poured into them!

I am itching to get started on some of my Ravelry queued projects. I want to make the felted clogs ASAP since our flooring is hardwood, and our house is poorly insulated. I also want to make my son his skull hat before it gets too cold. And then there's this pair of fingerless gloves that will help me type/knit when it gets really cold. I still have time, but I'm getting antsy to get started on the cold weather knitting. One day it's 80, and the next it's 50.

The tree in our backyard hasn't even started to change yet. It's kind of depressing, since so many trees are in the throes of color change. I want our tree to be yellow or orange, or something. The tree needs to realize it's time to change!!!

Off to knit more pocket prayer cloths, and maybe get started on my fingerless gloves. Have a nice weekend!


Amanda said...

I'm so glad the tornadoes missed you guys! I feel you on wanting to get started on some winter knits, but the weather just isn't really cooperating. One day it was in the 80s, and the next I had on my winter coat & scarf. There's really no way of judging these days.

Briley said...

Anita, Glad you missed the worst of the weather! I'm sure some hand knit items would be well appreciated by those that have suffered great loss!

DawnK said...

I'm glad the weather missed you. Good luck with the charity knitting.