Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dishcloth Swap Topic 5 and Pictures!!!

The topic for this week is about participating in Fall activities: Apple picking, hayrides, pumpkin carving, etc.

In response, my answer would be yes, I do love this time of year. Going apple picking and taking hayrides (especially at night with a bonfire to wind things down) are the best. Usually the weather is not too cold, or too warm. You can enjoy yourself without swatting at bugs or sweating to death. On the other hand, I do not participate in pumpkin carving or the sort, since we don't celebrate Halloween.

On a different topic:

I finally have pics. I would have posted sooner, but darn that Ravelry. I have spent lots of time looking for patterns, enjoying FO's, and seeing what can be made with my favorite yarns. It's such a time waster, but so much fun. I have completed 3 scarves in the past week. The Asherton Scarf is finally done, and in the mail. I am working on a crocheted shawl, which I have lost steam on, surprise surprise.
I bought the new colors from PnC for dishcloths: Camel and Licorice. Camel is a nice tan/beige color (almost the color of my bamboos!) and the Licorice is a black and white variegated. I think I will use the Licorice for my dishcloth swap partner...since it will be close to Halloween Now I have to find a good pattern.

Here are the FO's I have completed:

This is called Vertical Hat. A very quick crochet, done in my son's High School colors. Another hat for me, yeah!

This is the beginning of my Shelly Scarf. It is finished, fringe and all, I just need to wrangle a model.

My Lazy Daisy scarf, knit with 2 strands of Moda Dea Lazy Daisy. My 4 yr old daughter is the wonderful and willing model here.

Finally, a section of my Asherton Scarf. I really liked this scarf. The textures is unreal, and it is a fairly quick knit if you stick with it. I hope my scarf exchange partner likes it!

That's it for the updates. I should find out the sex of my baby sometime in November, so I can really start on the baby knitting. I want a carseat blanket and booties, and maybe even a few sleep sacks. I love those! But if I can find some at a second hand store for cheap, I will forego the knitting of them. Now the task is to find booties that are easy to knit but stay on. Any ideas???

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