Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Captive pics and lots O Scarves!000000000

I am not going to answer the topic for dishcloth swap this week. It involves taking a pic, which I can't upload right now. The cord that goes from the camera to the computer is missing, so all my pics remain hostage for now. I will get to cleaning soon, and find the darned thing. I just hope my kids didn't grab it and put it somewhere.

So it's another pictureless post. How sad. I have lots of pics, too. Since I've been on Ravelry, I've been getting tons of inspiration. I am almost done with my scarf for the swap....just about ten more rows, a wash, and a block. I think I will finish that today. I tried to get it done at my knitting group last night, but after about 20 rows, I started messing up the pattern. So I think I have to go back and frog about 2 or so rows. Maybe it was all the chatter, but I just couldn't concentrate. But it was good to get back and meet with the ladies, to chat, and show off and see all the UFO's.

Anyway, the topic of this week's dishcloth swap was to showcase your needles. Well, my "knitting area" is a mess. Plain and simple. I was using the area next to the couch to store all my WIP's. It's against the wall, and away from kids' hands, especially the baby. But now, the knitting area has become a large tangle of yarn and needles. I am going to work on it soon....I just got very lazy and ALL my knitting stuff got thrown there, along with all the kids odds and ends. They figured since I was doing it, they could too! So, the pic would be very hard to figure out. I have a lot of cotton I can do dishcloths with tangled with acrylic, a few WIP's and some needles. It's gonna take awhile to figure out.

On the knitting front, I am almost done with the Asherton scarf. I am going to start on a crochet scarf, and am working on two very thin scarves that I hope will go fairly quickly. I picked up two balls of Lazy Daisy from Moda Dea at Hobby Lobby awhile back for around 70 cents a ball (why do we buy yarn at such a discount, without plans of using it first?) so I'm making a skinny scarf with that. I hope it turns out, because it doesn't look so good right now. Maybe I need to go up a needle size or so. I also have a ball of Sinfonia, same circumstance, that is sitting around, which will become another skinny scarf soon.

It's also a LOT cooler this week. Yesterday the high was in the mid-70's, and on Monday it was in the upper 80's. Today the high is supposed to be in the lower 50's. Wow, what a difference a few days make. However, this is perfect afghan weather, so maybe I can pound out that ripple before winter is over. There are also a few more afghans I want to start....but I should finish what I already have OTN.

I am also thinking of making a clapotis. Out of what yarn? Hmmm.....I have two balls of Knit Picks yarn I could use....or maybe pick up a few balls of Sinfonia....bears some thinking on.

When I find the cord, I will release the captive pics on my camera, and you can see what I've been doing!

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