Monday, August 27, 2007

Where Have I Been???

I have been sorta MIA lately. Not really. Just not knitting. Not doing much of anything.

So I guess the news might as well be out, if you haven't read my previous post (hidden in my SP11 questionnaire). Yes, I am expecting. Me and my husband got a bit to amorous in the month of June/July. So now we will be popping out #6 in March. That officially makes me around 2 months+ right now. I'm just waiting for the nausea to end.

Ok, so this post is not going to be a long rant about morning sickness. (Those of you that have had it, no it's not limited to morning. How about we rename it to all day long nausea??? Almost to the point of debilitating?)

I will instead tell you what I have been up to. Besides laying on the couch and not cleaning or doing much of anything. Last week it was hot as hell. Literally. Living in the midwest during summer can be pleasant, or downright torture. I mean, the humidity!!! Almost as bad as Florida. Walk into the store, and a wall of cool air hits you, and you think, ahhh. Then when you leave and hit the wall of humidity, you think, what in the world? Why can't I breathe all of a sudden?

So on the heels of this heat was this rain. I mean rain. We got more rain in like two weeks than we did in the past 6 months. My grass was brown and it hurt to walk on. Now it's overgrown. My backyard resembles a jungle. But at least I'm not in Ohio, where the streets are flooded and people have to get around in boats, and all their stuff is now wet, muddy, and destroyed. All I can complain about is the heavy rainfall. Thank God I don't live in a flood prone area. Even if the river did overflow, it would have to rise about 15 feet or so to even affect me. So.

Oh yeah, my two oldest started school on the 14th. My son is now a Freshman in HS and my daughter is in 2nd grade. It's nice to have them back on schedule again. And out of the house, LOL. My 2nd grader also celebrated her 7th birthday on the 10th.

I did not knit anything for at least a week, maybe even 2. Just thinking about knitting made me tired. I skipped 2 knitting group meetings, and barely checked my e-mail. I apologize to all those that have to pick up the ball for me in this time of ...sickness. But I think I'm getting better. Hopefully the nausea will wear off until it no longer exists, in the next few weeks.

I need to crank out this last sock in 5 days so I can get it counted for the sock a month KAL 4. I have most the ribbing done for the cuff, which leaves the rest of the sock. Maybe, we'll see.

I have done 2 dishcloths, for an exchange. I made them too short, so they are more rectangular than square, but I think just the right size.

Guess that's about it. I'll have to post some pics soon. I do have some! Just really really tired....all the time. Plus, I have to post at least once a week for my SP11 partner. Hope I gave you lots of stuff to chew on, secret pal, LOL. How about a case of ginger ale and a box of crackers??? LOL


Anonymous said...

Oh I do hope you are feeling better soon! Well at least I have't gotten you too many edibles or sweets for the Sept. package anyway because of the heat - I didn't want to mail anything like that yet, LOL!! But I do have some knitty goodies for you already!!

Your SP 11 Pal :o)

Anonymous said...

Hey Anita CONGRATULATIONS!!! No wonder I haven't heard from you in a while! Many blessings on #6, and many commisserations on the morning sickness - ugh - just reading about it brought back unpleasant memories. I bet I know what you'll be knitting this winter, LOL. Little bonnet here, little sweater there...
Many HUGS!