Thursday, August 9, 2007

Non knitting news

I've decided to branch out and use this blog for more than just knitting content. I have another blog about my family....but I never post to it. Why? Because sometimes I just don't like blogging!

I also like reading other people's blogs about their lives, kids, struggles, etc. It makes them real for me. It's not just pictures of FO's or WIP's, but flowers, kids, and pets. I cheer them on when things are going great, and mourn with them when they are not. It's crazy, this inter-web...

And the last reason is my camera is out of batteries right now, so I can't post any new pics until I can get a fresh set. But I also gotta buy school supplies for my 2 kids who are starting school on Tuesday. Tuesday!!! My son is in high school, and my daughter is going into second grade. I know my son won't like stuff I can knit for him (too cool to wear a hat or scarf), but my daughter....I have dreams of scarves, hats, and mittens. Maybe even a skirt or sweater!!! But that's not anytime soon.

So onto the meme. I've decided to do the Daily Question, or That's my answer. Here's the question for today.

I give up_________?
What modern day convenience would you be willing to give up forever?

What would I be willing to give up forever? Let's see....there's electricity. But I don't think so. I like being able to see at night. I have too many kids to not be able to cook using a stove, not having a washer/dryer etc.

I know!!! It would have to be mass transit. Or more precisely, anything with an engine. How much healthier our world would be if we had to walk everywhere. Our stores would be closer, our neighbors would be closer, there would be more of a sense of community that we don't have anymore. I've been living in this house for almost a year. I know the next door neighbor (only because her son is in the same grade as my daughter), but that's about it. I don't know anyone across the street, or even down the block. I think that's sad. If we had a store run by the "locals", we would get to know each other better. Our churches would be, literally, in our direct community. I think the population would go down as well: no way to get to the hospital in time etc. I don't know, I think the world changed with Ford and his fancy new invention. I'm all for progress adn advancement. I would hate to see my kids bleed to death because we don't have ambulances or whatever, but that was how life USED to be. Bad stuff happened all the time. But it was also somehow simpler. I guess that's what I crave, and why I would be willing to give up automobiles: a simpler life.

And that's my answer.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anita, it's Kandie. I would be willing to give up the television, vcr and dvd player. Bring the family back together again where they actually talk about their day as a family, not inbetween commercials. My DH spends too much time in front of the TV. He has no hobbies.

And that's my answer!

Briley said...

I was going to say the exact same thing as Kandie. And take away video games, too!