Thursday, June 28, 2007

Knitted Needle Roll

I have this insane urge to knit only items that take about a day to knit. This includes bookmarks, dishcloths, needle rolls, basic knit and purl projects. I have crocheted a few fridgies and even made up a pattern for my own carrot fridgie.

It's hot here. Well, not so bad today, after the cold front went through last night, but it is still a bit muggy. We get a few days reprieve, then WHAM!! it's back in the 90's. Doesn't make for very good knitting weather (or cooking, or cleaning, or laundry, for that matter). As you can see, not a lot has been getting done.

Except this. I made this needle roll in about a day. I wanted to try one out, but not huge, so I decided on a small roll for my DPN's and crochet hooks. Right now I am using a zipper pencil bag, but I still have to dig around to find the right needle, so this is nice. I do have quite a few bamboo needles, but I did not want to knit forever to make it big enough. And I will soon be receiving my own special needle case from Brian :)

So here's my lazy version of the needle roll. The original pattern called for the edging to be in the same color, but I wasn't about to mess with that, so I have stripes all the way across.

How about the colors? Talk about 80's flashback. Too bad I didn't have any NEON, LOL.
This is Red Heart Sport, bought at my local Hobby Lobby. I was going to make cute little flower coasters, but the best laid plans pave the road to the yarn instead became my super bright 80's needle roll. Feeling nostalgic? I just need some jelly bracelets to tie it together.

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