Thursday, June 28, 2007

New Groups!!!

Well, I have some very exciting news. No pics, sorry.

I am part of a local knitting community in my area! Fellow knitters, real people I can see and have instant communication with! Yipee!! And they are so friendly, I can't get over it. I really believe people who are into fiber arts are generally very caring and generous, at least the ones I know so far.

Enough gushing about the group. The friendly ladies will read my blog and become terribly afraid of me....I'm not really that deprived of companionship, but my knitting hobby so far has been lonely. I taught myself, and don't know any other knitters. My husband does not understand my obsession (You simply can't knit certain items with just any ol' yarn, no matter how much you have!!!) I feel like I have to sneak to the LYS so I don't have to justify buying yet another ball of cotton, even though I have several untouched ones at home. They are the wrong color for the pattern I want to do!!! But these women understand, they know, they may even enable. I have been warned about spinning, so don't be surprised when I blog about my new spinning obsession.

I also just joined another dishcloth group. Am I seriously crazy or what? Like I'm already over-extended. Most of my groups are on digest, and I skip half of those. What am I thinking?

Well, it's called Cloth of the week, and it's a new pattern each week, so by the end of one year, I will have 52 dishcloths. Wow. So how could I refuse? Now the problem is to keep up. I should just go ahead and finish the Pacific Waves in a giant knitting session, or two, or three.

So I'm just really excited right now. Can't you tell? Ok, go check out the group Cloth of the Week if you don't already belong, and see if you can refuse. Who does not like to knit dishcloths?


Anonymous said...

Anita, I love to read your blog, but have one suggestion that would make it easier. The background you have chosen obscures the print. I have to enlarge the print to a huge size to read it over the green knit background. I don't blog myself, so I don't know how to do this, but I've seen other blogs that use knit as a background, but there's a solid section in the middle behind the words. This change would make it much easier to read. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I like the change - so much easier to read!!

Christmas Angel said...

OOOOOHHH! You enabler you! as if I needed MORE reasons to drive my husband crazy with knitting related stuff! You naught temptress! ROFL