Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bikini Top

I am participating in the Fish Along with the BitsandBobsGroup2. Someone had mentioned doing 2 fish at once,so I decided to try it. As I was knitting them, I held them up for my kids to see (they are always asking what I am making) and lo and behold, it was a bikini top on my needles. I have made a few fish before, but the two of them together at that point just looked like a bikini top to me.

So I decided to make one for my youngest daughter. It didn't take very long. I got it done in one evening, and I think I will make one for my oldest daughter today, but with fringe instead of the cute crochet edging. The one mistake I made was NOT making two at once, but each one individually, so I had to do some kind of weird seaming. I don't know how saggy it will be when wet, but it sure is cute now. I had half a ball of cotton sitting around, and decided to use that. There's still some left!

So here's a few pictures of my bikini top. My daughter is 4, and a very willing model! (Don't ask about the hair, it's a long sad story!)


Christmas Angel said...

That is sooo precious! GREAT WORK!!!

Hugs and Kittens!

kat said...

how cute is that?!

Jess said...

It's adorable, and your daughter is, too. You clearly have passion for knitting and crochet and a great sense of color.