Monday, June 11, 2007

Bookmarks, Stepping Stones, Unicorns, and a WIP KAL

Another consolidated post. I've been busy, busy busy. And kinda lazy about posting. I have so much going on right now, it seems like it's hard to get anything done.

First I want to show off my bookmarks I received from the AT My House Bookmark Exchange. My partner this month was Cristal, who just happened to have some beautiful bookmarks ready. Great! I received these about a week ago, but it took till now to post. Thanks, Cristal, for the great bookmarks. My favorite is the long purple one.

I also finished my bookmark from Monthly Bookmarks. This one was designed by Brian, and you can find his blog here. Very talented, and I really like this bookmark. It's very masculine.

Ok, I also finished the two latest KAL's from Monthly Dishcloths. The first one is called Stepping Stones, designed by Harvest Moon Designs.

The next one is Ulysses the Unicorn, the June 1st KAL. I know, it's already mid-month, but at least I did it. I think it turned out pretty good, and I like this one, since I've always had a thing for unicorns!

Finally, here is the progress so far on my June Mystery Scarf from SASE. I am using Bernat Baby Cordinates in White. Size 6 needles,I think. I am actually caught up with this one! Yay!!

I am still working on the Mystery Shawl, which I have only done 1 repeat for this week so far. I need to get busy on that one. And the Pacific Waves is very daunting. I must finish it, though, or my hubby will never let me buy any significant amount of yarn again!


Debbie said...

I like your blog, but it's hard to read it. Your background is great for knitting, but you need a light background under your words.



Annabelle said...

Hey, Anita! Thanks for the comment on my blog. All your knitting projects look great. I haven't decided which shawl pattern to do yet. I have a terrible time making decisions!