Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mug Rug

Remember the post about the Right Angles Dishcloth? Well, I found a pattern for a mug rug, which is the dishcloth modified for size, with added fringe. The pattern calls for sock yarn, but I used Red Heart acrylic with size 6 needles. I think it has the same effect as two strands of sock yarn. Also, you may want to try cotton for a more absorbent coaster.

The mug rug was quick and easy. It took longer attaching the fringe than knitting it, but well worth the effort. The result is a very cool looking coaster. I keep mine by the computer and drink my coffee while checking e-mail. I may even have to add one as an extra in my exchanges. The rug is kinda big, but it is very very cool.

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